Cars For Sale at Vorshlag

This page has cars listed for sale that are either owned by Vorshlag, or cars owned by customers that we have built. We also have a few race car project "candidates" for sale - donor chassis that could be swapped with a V8, race prepped, or even sold outright. For any questions you can call Vorshlag at 972-422-7170 or email us at

Current Listings
Here is our current selection of completed race cars and street cars for sale. These are all cars that have been worked on or built entirely at Vorshlag, so we know these cars well. Each image below will link to a detailed classified ad listing for these cars, unless they have sold.

This listing is for a Vorshlag built 1992 Corvette race car. We built this 1992 Corvette to race in in NASA TTC class but it can be reconfigured to run in a number of other series, or just a fun HPDE car. At its first NASA event in 2015 it shattered the TTC track record by 7 seconds and was heavily developed beyond that point, with more wins and records to follow.This car has a bit of a cult following due to the forum build thread as well.

A race built LT1 engine in late 2015, custom dual master cylinder manual brakes (with ABS) in 2016, suspension upgrades, fully caged, and all safety gear for time trial or wheel to wheel racing. Ready to hit the track today! A spare sets of wheels and tires included, with flared bodywork to accept 18x12" wheels at all 4 corners. Fresh paint in late 2016, not raced since. See more at the classified ad located here.

This listing is for a customer's 2014 Mustang Roush Stage 3 dual purpose street/track car. This Roush has had extensive track preparation done by Vorshlag: the Supercharged 5.0L Aluminator equipped car makes 633 whp, high end MCS remote reservoir coilovers, 18x11" Forgestar wheels, upgraded brakes/cooling, custom aero, safety gear. The car is immaculate so click on the classified ad here to learn more.
This listing is for a customer's 2013 Camaro 1LE dual purposes street/track car which has had extensive track upgrades performed by Vorshlag. The LS3 V8 makes 424 whp with full length headers, CAI, and a custom tune. Bilstein PSS10 coilovers were modified with custom spring rates, and Vorshlag camber plates. 19x11" Forgestar wheels are wrapped in 305mm tires. Track pads, custom brake cooling, and upgraded brake fluid. The interior features Kevlar Cobra racing seats and Schroth 6-point harnesses. Call Vorshlag for more details at 972-422-7170.
This listing is for a stock but restored 2002 BMW E46 325Ci street car. This 5-speed manual equipped E46 was purchased for Vorshlag to uses as a NASA Time Trial race car. After replacing the control arms, reinforcing the rear rear subframe mounts, adding larger / new 330 front brakes - the class rules changed. We changed to a 330 chassis, then cleaned up and repaired this 325 to a high standard for use as a daily driver for one of Vorshlag's owners. Too many cars so call Vorshlag for more details at 972-422-7170. Asking $4750.

If you are interested in any of these cars for sale, the selling parties (sometimes Vorshlag) can be reached at the email and phone number listings in each ad.

Race Car Donor Chassis
Vorshlag keeps a number of good rolling chassis "in reserve" to use for race car builds. These could be customer builds or race cars we build on spec, where we sell the finished car when complete. Ideally these "rolling chassis" listed below would be purchased by a customer who then signs a contract for Vorshlag to build into a race car, based on their budget and desires and our guidance. There are some exceptions - if you see something you like, just ask!

This listing is for 2001 BMW E46 330Ci rolling chassis, which is a race "hard top" car - no sunroof. We have plans for this chassis, likely a SpecE46 race car build. Want to jump into this class in the perfect chassis? We have SpecE46 race car budget and build plan ready to go - call Vorshlag for more details now at 972-422-7170.
This listing is for a race car chassis, a 2000 BMW Z4 rolling caged chassis formerly owned and campaigned in SCCA World Challenge by Classic BMW. The cage is well built and current for SCCA or NASA W2W regulations. There is no motor and the brakes and suspension are just stock bits that were installed when the car was sold. We took this chassis to our body and paint gurus at Heritage and they replaced the right front frame section so now the chassis is square and ready to build into a race car. They also bead blasted and primed the cage, interior, firewall and front of the car. This Z4 chassis was picked up by Vorshlag to use to build a future race car. V8 powered, BMW inline six, the choice is yours! Call Vorshlag for more details about this potential race car build at 972-422-7170.
This listing is for a 1992 BMW 325is coupe rolling chassis. We purchased this to build an LS1 V8 powered race car, but ran out of time, and it has been stored inside waiting for the project to resume. We have done the rear subframe reinforcement fab work (16 hours) and replaced all of the control arms and bushings with race Powerflex bits. The front and rear subframes were removed, blasted, reinforced, and powder coated. The roll cage is started and awaits more time at our shop. This E36 race car build could be yours to guide at Vorshlag - call us for more details at 972-422-7170.
This listing is for a 1994 Mustang GT caged and race prepped rolling chassis - which would make a great "track trainer" build for you. We purchased this former stage rally car, built in 2000 but only raced twice. It needs a drivetrain, brakes and suspension, plus some interior work, but it has a great chassis and cage to build on. It could become a Rallycross car or a fun "track trainer" for HPDE or Time Trial road course use (the cage has chromoly tubing, not up to current NASA or SCCA wheel to wheel specs). Call Vorshlag for more details on this potential "track trainer" build at 972-422-7170, or you can buy it outright for $850.
This listing is for a 1993 Mustang LX Notchback rolling chassis. Not much to see here except a square shell with a gutted interior and a clear Texas title. Call Vorshlag for more details on this chassis at 972-422-7170. Asking $450.
If you are interested in any of these cars for sale, look for the email address or phone number listings in each ad. Thanks!
Previous Listings That Are SOLD
We keep some of the old listings listed down here to show the kinds of cars that you can usually find here. Again, these cars are SOLD and no longer avilable, but if you see something you like we might be able to find/build another.

This listing is for a 1999 BMW E46 328i sedan "track trainer" - a dual purposed street/track car - which we sold in May 2017. This project started with a clean 1999 328i 5-speed BMW, we removed the carpets and seats, added a carbon sunroof delete panel, then fitted Bilstein PSS coilovers. This car had custom spring rates, Vorshlag camber plates and spherical rear shock mounts, and fresh Powerflex bushings throughout. The rear subframe has been reinforced (16 hours of work) and the front control arms are new. This BMW was fitted with a brand new 4-point bar and fixed back FIA racing seats. This BMW was street legal and had working windows and air con, so it could be driven to track events.