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Cars For Sale: 2014 Mustang Roush Stage 3

This listing was for a 2014 Mustang Roush Stage 3 owned by one of our customers that was upgraded by Vorshlag Motorsports and sold via Bring-a-Trailer auction in 2018. This ad is up for reference only



Asking Price: SOLD via Bring aTrailer Auction in 2018
Odometer: 14,340 miles
VIN: 1ZVBP8CF5E5247976
Engine: Aluminator 5.0L DOHC Aluminum V8, 633 whp
Drivetrain: 6-speed manual, Rear Wheel Drive
Colors: Silver exterior, Black leather interior
Modifications: MCS RR2 remote double adjustable coilovers, 18x11" Forgestar wheels, carbon fiber hood,
4" brake cooling, ducted hood, custom splitter, leather Recaro seats, 4-point roll bar, rear seat delete, and more
  roush factory build
This 2014 Mustang GT went from Ford's assembly line to the Roush facilities in the summer of 2013. The original window stickers are shown below, including the $40K base Mustang GT Premium car as well as the additional $17K worth of Roush Stage 3 upgrades, including Roush suspension, appearance upgrades, and the 2.3L Roush TVS supercharger - where horsepower reaches 575 hp.

After that there were even more upgrades added by Roush, including the Aluminator forged engine upgrade ($8250), Phase 3 upgrade (675 hp) and $4353 worth of additional options plus a transferable 6 yr / 72K mile extended warranty ($2790) and even wheel and tire insurance ($650) - which even covers the current 18x11" wheels and 295mm BFGoodrich Rival tires the car now has. The grand total on this heavily options Roush Stage 3 was $78,178, which is shown here.

The Aluminator engine was installed at Roush. This is a specially built 5.0L Coyote V8 that has forged internals and pistons designed for a supercharged application. The Roush workers also installed the special Roush 20" wheels, suspension, exhaust, intercooler and supercharger systems. The Stage 3 supercharger package includes a number of upgrades and again, many additional options were added to that Stage 3 kit to get to the Phase 3 kits 675 hp rating.

This car was also personally signed by Jack Roush on the dash and under the hood, which adds to the value of this unique vehicle.

All of the original Roush and Ford window stickers and documentation are included with the car, as well as the 2nd OEM key. There is also a box of original parts including the OEM shifter, blower belt and pulley (pre-Phase 3 upgrade), and floor mats, among other things.

This car has a clear Texas title and can be seen at Vorshlag Motorsports with an appointment. Please call us at 972-422-7170 to schedule a look at this car and test ride (sorry, no test pilots on this 633 whp car) with one of our qualified staff.

  suspension upgrades

The 675 hp Roush Mustang was already pretty quick and capable from Roush but was soon at Vorshlag for some suspension upgrades to make it a better handling and and stable car on a road course. The end goal with this car was always a dual-purpose car that could be street driven comfortably and tracked reliably and quickly. The suspension upgrades are numerous and include:

2015 Optima Ultimate street Car Challenge at TMS

The car is lowered 2" at both ends from the stock ride heights, for better handling performance and a lower center of gravity, yet ground clearance is excellent. The remote reservoirs from these MCS shocks are all mounted on custom brackets with easy access, with the fronts under the hood and the rears inside the trunk. The strut tower top openings are modified to allow for a larger range of camber adjustment (-1° to -4° of front camber can be achieved) as well as 2° of caster adjustment.

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This car is not built around any ruleset, but has competed in an Optima Ultimate Street Car Challenge event. This car is built to be fast and fun, with a good balance between street and track use and has over $7700 in suspension upgrades above the Stage 3 spec.

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This Roush can carve corners in autocross as well as road course events
  brakes, wheels and tires

The brakes on this Mustang have been upgraded over the Roush set-up that comes on the Stage 3 cars. The front features Centric premium 14" diameter rotors, Brembo 4-piston calipers, Carbotech brake pads (XP20 compound), and custom 4" brake cooling built by Vorshlag. Out back the stock 11" rotors have been upgrade to the 14" rotors and calipers from the GT500. Vorshlag S197 braided stainless brake flex lines are fitted at both ends and the fluid is Motul RBF600.

This Roush was upgraded with 4" brake cooling, Carbotech pads, and 18x11" wheels at all 4 corners

Adding front brake ducting is pretty common for track cars, but the size and placement of these ducts are unique. The 4" ducting used requires unique backing plates which Vorshlag perfected on this car. Normally we would have used the fog light openings for the inlet air, but those were kept intact for street use. Instead we added two 4" diameter holes in an area of the lower grill normally blocked off (therefore, not robbing airflow from any heat exchangers). These 4" custom ducts are shown below and feed high pressure air through 4" high temp duct hoses to the Vorshlag 4" oval brake backing plates. The ducting keeps both the front hubs and brake rotors cool, which extends braking on track as well as the life of brake consumables (rotors/pads/fluid) considerably.

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The wheels that come with the car include the Forgestar CF5 wheels shown, which are sized at 18 x 11" at all four corners. These are made to custom offsets and come in a satin black powder coat finish and center caps. The wheels fit under the stock fenders with the current 295/35/18 BFGoodrich Rival tires but can be upgraded to 315/30/18 sizes without modification. There is not a wider wheel available for an S197 Mustang without considerable chassis/fender modification.

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The $4500 in wheel, tire and brake upgrades have made for a very potent package on track. It puts the 633 whp to the ground well and stops from high speeds without fade.

aero, exterior and interior

The exterior has some custom touches that aid cooling, add front downforce, and look pretty sharp as well. The hood is a carbon fiber piece with a custom opening and louvered ducting. The originally equipped Roush decals are all present with the addition of a custom "Roushcharged" decal on the carbon fiber hood. A front splitter was added as are custom tow hooks front and rear. Front facing surfaces have clear bra by SpeedShield ($2000). C-Quartz Finest paint protection ($1000) 3 mils thick clear ceramic paint sealant, won't allow dirt to attach, protects paint, no wax for 3 years, guaranteed.

The Seibon carbon fiber hood was added and modified extensively by Vorshlag for downforce and cooling reasons. The large opening was added to extract heat from the oversized Mishimoto radiator, Setrab oil cooler, and VMP 3-pass intercooler. Air entering the grill from above the front splitter passes through these heat exchangers and exits via the ducted opening in the hood. Many hours were spent making the aluminum louvered insert assembly and everything has a show car finish level. The front upper and lower grills are Roush pieces with the backsides of both meshed with 1/4" stainless steel mesh (painted black), to keep bugs or other debris from packing up the heat exchangers. The hood is held in place with 4 brushed aluminum Quik-Latches as well as the stock secondary hood latch.

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The Roush lower spoiler is sealed to custom aluminum splitter, which has 4 support struts that attach to the front bumper beam structure and pass through the Roush lower grill. The splitter is a custom unit made from 6061-T6 aluminum plate and extends back several feet to the front axle centerline, to both add downforce and clean up under-car airflow. Behind the radiator a "waterfall deflector" was built that seals to the radiator. This deflector pushes air upwards to the hood duct.

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The twin reservoirs for the cooling systems (engine and intercooler) have been relocated away from the radiator to improve airflow. These were moved to the stock battery location and replaced with larger capacity, custom fabricated aluminum tanks built by Vorshlag. A larger fabricated aluminum radiator and slimmer electric fan were added wo aid in heat extraction via the hood duct. The battery is now located in the trunk with a custom built aluminum bracket, to make room under hood and to move some weight to the rear for better balance.

The interior is lightly modified to include necessary safety upgrades for track use. The leather Recaro seats that came from Roush were kept but the back seats were removed. The lap belts of the (new in 2014) Schroth 6-point Schroth Profi II harnesses are mounted to clip-in G-Force eyelets and load spreaders, with the shoulder harnesses mounting to the 4-point Maximum Motorsports roll bar. All of the original sound insulation is present so the car is quiet and fun to drive on the street, unlike a gutted race car. The MGW shifter that is installed is THE brand people want with the 6-speed transmissions in Mustangs.

Vorshlag also added digital oil temperature and coolant temperature gauges with custom sensor placements shown below. The water temp sensor was added at threaded bung a TIG welded into a coolant neck. The oil temp is taken off the pre-cooler side of the external oil lines with a custom machined adapter threaded into a Fragola AN fitting. The factory sensors aren't super accurate (and give readouts that always say "Normal") but the digital gauges we added to the dual A-pillar mount exactly match IR temps taken at the appropriate fluid locations.

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The 4-point roll bar added in 2013 for safety. This started as a kit built by Maximum Motorsports and finish TIG welded by Vorshlag. This was special ordered with an optional diagonal brace for added chassis rigidity and safety. The pictures below show the installation process, which is time consuming and includes tack welding the rear down bars in the car then finish welding them outside of the car. Once fitted perfectly it was removed and the entire unit was powder coated in a matching silver. The rear interior side panels were modified to clear the rear down bars, and this installed bar provides real rollover protect, while still being far enough away from the driver and passenger to keep it street safe, too. A Steeda X-brace was added in the trunk along with a differential catch can, vented outside of the interior. The car is hard wired for a Valentine One radar detector. The rest of the interior is stock and flawless.

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Let's put a dollar value on the interior/safety, and exterior/aero mods. If we were to replicate the aluminum splitter we would charge $2500 for parts and installation. The hood ducting also took a lot of man hours and would easily set you back $3200 with the waterfall deflector, custom coolant reservoirs and brackets, plus $1500 for the carbon fiber Seibon hood and another $800 for the 4 QuikLatches and install. $3000 for the paint protection and film install. All of the work to make the ducted hood possible includes the custom mounts for the relocated coolant reservoir, larger aluminum radiator and fan, waterfall air deflector, custom ducted hood, stainless mesh grill inserts. The interior mods are easy to quantify: 6-point harnesses ($385 x 2) are all items we sell. The rollbar was $2000 installed and powder coated, plus $1620 for the Boss 302 Laguna Seca rear seat delete and brace (blasted and coated to match the roll bar). All told this car has over $11,000 in exterior and aero changes and $4600 in interior and safety upgrades beyond the Roush Stage 3 parts.

drivetrain modifications

This 2014 Mustang Roush Stage 3 has the optional Ford Racing Aluminator 5.0L DOHC V8, with forged internals and pistons designed for this supercharger application. This is no back alley blower upgrade, but done by Roush at their factory. It is still under the 6 year/72,000 mile bumper-to-bumper extended warranty. The oil has been changed every 2000 miles or every every track event with Mobil1 15W50 synthetic oil - it takes 10 quarts with the massive Setrab oil cooler. There is an engine oil / air separator and catch can mounted under the hood.

The exhaust system was upgraded twice. First, a set of stainless steel 1-7/8" primary stainless steel headers from American Racing Headers ($1590). Their catalysts and X-pipe were also added. These headers added 40+ whp and picked up torque everywhere.

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The after-header Roush fitted exhaust was deemed "too loud" and looked a little on the small side. We verified this with a drive-by sound test showing excessive levels of sound with the small 2.5" diameter Roush mufflers. The entire exhaust system after the X-pipe was replaced with a custom dual 3" mandrel bent 304 stainless system built by Vorshlag. This uses two 3" Magnaflow resonators upstream and two massive case Magnaflow 3" mufflers in the stock location, near the rear bumper. The distinctive Roush exhaust tips were integrated into the new system, and now now fit better than when the car was delivered. The resonators have gold DEI heat shielding added to the fiberglass fuel tank heat shields, and we have built many systems with mufflers in this location. The the exhaust new system is much quieter than before and still picked up 33+ whp over the Roush exhaust, to the current 633 whp dyno tested power.

These power upgrades have been custom dyno tuned by True Street Motorsports using an included SCT tuner and this car has a Lifetime Tune - any changes or check-ups to the tune only cost $90/hour. The tune included is conservative and safe, made for 93 octane fuel, and currently makes 634 whp/542 wtq. The engine is strong and is under an extended warranty, right from Roush. It idles and drives like any Stage 3 Roush, except it makes over +150 whp more than normal 2014 Roush Stage 3. With a conservative 12% powertrain loss, this engine is making over 720 horsepower at the crank. All that power is useless if the cooling isn't up to the task. To deal with the supercharged incoming air a massive VMP triple pass intercooler was added - the largest available on the market. The $800 VMP kit includes two 11" fans that can pull 920 CFM of air through this cooler. This heat exchanger is mounted below the bumper beam and receives cooling air from the lower grill opening. Engine oil temps are kept in check with the largest Setrab oil cooler made, which is custom mounted above the intercooler and matches the upper grille opening very well. Oil comes from the engine block at the oil filter by a pair of -10 braided AN lines. The factory installed Boss302 / Track Pack "oil heater" was removed when this external air-to-oil cooler was added.

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An aftermarket MGW shifter was added, with the Roush knob, that feels perfectly weighted. A Steeda poly rear body mount shift bushing replaced the super spongy stock bushing, which firmed up shifts considerably. A Whiteline KDT928 transmission mount bushing insert is also in place.

Adding up the drivetrain mods is difficult, because this Roush came with the optional +$10,000 Aluminator engine as well as the Stage 3 and Phase 3 Supercharger upgrades built into the $78,000 price as delivered. Add the $1100 for the VMP intercooler + install; $1975 for the Setrab oil cooler, custom bracket and lines; $1050 for custom built, relocated coolant reservoirs and plumbing, $2200 for the ARH headers, X-pipe and cat installation, + $3200 in custom exhaust parts and fabrication, $300 for the diff fluid catch can system, $300 for the engine oil catch can system, $800 in custom dyno tuning and the included SCT tuner, and hundreds more in various synthetic fluids and labor. All told there is over $11,000 in drivetrain upgrades over the as delivered 2014 Roush Stage 3 / Phase 3 spec.

  contact info

Again, this car sold in 2018.

This ad is up now for reference only. The car has right at 14K miles, fresh consumables and it looks immaculate inside and out. To buy a Roush Stage 3 and replicate this set-up would cost upwards of $115,000. Want something faster than a Shelby GT350R on track, that you can still drive to the grocery store, and that has a big warranty? This is it.

The current exterior matches the large images above, with the black 18x11" 5-spoke wheels, black front splitter, black carbon fiber hood with the custom silver "Roushcharged" hood bulge decals. All work on the car since 2013 has been done at Vorshlag by our trained technicians, except for the custom dyno engine tuning, which was handled by True Street Motorsports.