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For Sale: 2006 Corvette #ProjectNewBalance (SOLD)

This listing is for a Vorshlag built dual-purpose track/street car C6 Corvette which we purchased new in March 2021 and put up for sale in Fall 2023. It sold a few days later. 

On this car we tested and developed numerous parts including: MCS RR2 coilovers, 3 different brake systems, five sets of wheels, 2 ABS swaps, multiple brake cooling configurations, safety gear, tow hooks, power adding parts, and more. This car we called #ProjectNewBalance helped us develop new solutions with products we made as well as those from various partners. We campaigned this car in SCCA Time Trial (Tuner 2 class), Optima Ultimate Street Car events, SCCA autocross and Time trial, with a high win rate. After 18 months of ownership, in October 2019 we wrapped up the 2nd season of testing in this car, began de-stickering and detailing the car, and installed what we felt was the best combination of suspension parts, wheels/tires, power upgrades, and brakes to make this car appealing to most buyers. Please check the listing below for details of what this car comes with, but in short: this is street legal and track ready, with a perfect exterior, interior, and very low miles. "Only driven on weekends" for the last 18 months, but more than capable of being daily driven, too.


Price: SOLD
Miles: 46,619
Title: Clear Texas title
VIN: 1G1YY25U065116175
Engine: 6.0L LS2 441 whp / 415 wtq
Drivetrain: Tremec T56 6-speed manual, 3.42 gearing
Colors:Silver exterior, Black interior
Mods: MCS RR2 remote double adj coilovers, LGM bars, track alignment, 19x10" FlowOne wheels, Hankook 275/35R18 RS4 tires,
6/4 piston Z06 brakes, Mk60 ABS, brake cooling, LGM long tube headers + carbon CAI, CNC ported heads, Comp Cam, FAST LSXR 102 intake,
103mm Nick Williams throttle body, custom tune, 3" Z06 exhaust with cats and manual bypass switch, tow hooks,
Corbeau heated seats, oil cooler, power steering cooler, deWitt aluminum radiator, ready for the track!
exterior and interior pics
This section details the exterior and interior mods and pictures.

EXTERIOR - There is only one visible change on the exterior, a carbon fiber front splitter lip - which we modified for to allow for more brake cooling (more on that in the brake section, below. The paint is in excellent shape - this car was literally only driven on the weekends and stored indoors in between events. Painted in factory "Race Red" paint with only very small signs of use. The windshield is brand new.

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There is only one visible modifications to the exterior start with a carbon fiber front splitter lip - which we modified for to allow for better brake cooling (more on that in the brake section, below.
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We also utilized this car for developing our Vorshlag C6 steel frame front and rear tow hook products. These are suitable for trackside extractions as well as pulling the car into an enclosed trailer. Everything else is exactly like it came from the factory.

PAINT WORK - The previous owner also kept this car in a garage but they managed to add some scratches to the bodywork. Wanting to make the exterior as close to perfect for the sale, we had 60% of the exterior surfaces prepped and painted in March 2023 by our friends at Heritage Collision. This included the front bumper cover, the rear bumper cover, both rear fenders, and the roof - all pieces were painted off the car, so there is zero overspray. The entire car was then buffed and detailed to perfection, and since then the Corvette has been stored indoors under a soft car cover. Every picture on this page can be clicked for a higher resolution image.

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INTERIOR - The interior is in flawless condition, with a full detail of the interior in May 2023 in preparation for this sale. There are some tasteful and modern modifications to the interior, which included the dual USB port / volt meter and ABS light in the factory ash tray panel. There is a 2-position seat heater control for the Corbeau driver's seat. A PanaVise 4-bolt RAM mount adapter bracket was added, which slides between an interior panel and the radio (and is removable). This has a 1" ball RAM mount added - which can be used for a phone holder or lap timer mount. The rest is all stock and works perfectly - the digital/analog dash, the climate control air conditioning blows ice cold air, radio, and all controls.

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One of the worst track deficiencies in the C6 Corvette - even the ZR1 and Z06 - are the factory seats. They are flat, soft, and do NOT work well holding the occupants in place when on track. The factory front seats were removed shortly after purchasing this car and replaced with Corbeau Sportline RRS seats, ordered in black with white stitching. The driver's side has an optional seat heater with 2 heat levels. These seats are far nicer and more comfortable than the OEM C6 seats, with proper bolstering and pass-thrus for shoulder harnesses. That makes for a rare combination of track worthiness and street comfort, with no compromises.

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We spent considerable time and effort designing the seat mounting base brackets for this chassis and these seats, to maximize headroom and set the proper base tilt angle. We added Safecraft 6-point FIA harnesses with lap and anti-submarine belt mounting anchors into the seat bases, which have passed technical inspection for 3 track groups. A Brey-Krause harness bar was added that holds the shoulder harnesses, and it was installed with perfection - it looks like a factory installed option. We spent $4000 in parts and labor on these interior upgrades.

suspension, brakes, power, exhaust, cooling mods, wheels and tires

This section shows the current suspension, brake and power upgrades that have been added to this Corvette.

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This Corvette handles very neutral on track and still rides great on the street with the MCS monotube double adjustable coilovers

SUSPENSION - We took this bone stock C6 Coupe and transformed the handling with a number of major suspension upgrades, to be fast on track / autocross yet easy to drive. We did all of this with the goal of also not ruining the street ride quality. After we sorted the suspension we ran a full season of SCCA Time Trial in Tuner 2 class, winning 4 of 5 events and securing the class championship. We also ran the car in SCCA Autocrossing in CAM-S class and took 1-2 on the first outing, with zero changes to the road course setup. The MCS remote reservoir double adjustable coilovers are world class monotube dampers that price amazing performance, good ride, and top notch durability.

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We substituted the front and rear transverse leaf springs that came on this car to utilized Hyperco coilover springs in 650 #/in front and 700 #/in rear rates. This $6200 MCS coilover kit is both street worthy and track capable, with both compression adjustment on the remote reservoirs and rebound adjustments on the dampers, to alter damping for each track situation - or street use. The dampers are using Vorshlag spherical top mounts at both ends and custom aluminum reservoir brackets for all four corners. New LG "G2" swaybars were added at both ends with custom grease zerk mounting and adjustable endlinks.

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We also replaced all of the factory rubber bushings with polyurethane, and every single bushing has a drilled and tapped grease zerk fitting to allow grease to be added (annually) to the inner sleeve. This removes any noise or "sticktion", and will help these bushings outlast the car. We also added new tie rods, high temp ball joint and tie rod boots, stainless steel heat shields to all bushings near brake rotors, new ball joints, and all moving parts in the suspension. Long story short - the $12,000+ spent in suspension maintenance and upgrades make for a world class track capable and street friendly setup.

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The alignment specs above were achieved after several attempts to maximize camber with aftermarket solutions. We added studs to the upper control arm mounts to be able to "shim" the upper arms, for caster. But the lower mounting solutions we attempted all left some room for adjustment that was out of reach. So we custom CNC machined "lockout slugs" here at Vorshlag that replace the factory eccentric bolts for the lower control arm mounts at both ends of the car. These offset lockouts prevent the eccentrics from slipping under hard lateral loads and give more adjustment without modifying the control arms or subframes, giving the Corvette -3.3° front and -2.6° rear camber. These alignment settings might seem agressive, but they have proven on track to maximize grip grip, handling balance, and tire wear. This setup was perfected over a year of track competitions and multiple alignment sessions.

After the last alignment the car was corner balanced on our 4 corner digital scales, with driver weight in the seat. The final weight of the C6 (3117 lbs) is shown on the 19x10" wheels / 275mm Hankook RS4 tires, and with the coilovers and other upgrades installed. This is lighter than most similarly equipped aluminum framed C6 Z06/ZR1 models with their carbon front fenders.

BRAKE SYSTEM UPGRADE - This C6 came from the factory with small rotors and 2 piston calipers that also came on the C5 Corvette. The factory ABS system wasn't functioning in any reasonable manner, so we had to start over from scratch. We upgraded first to the Z51 brakes, then later to the C6 Z06 brakes - with the 14" diameter rotors and 6 piston front calipers + 4 piston rears shown. We also completely swapped the ABS system to a popular TEVES Mk60 unit, which was an immense amount of work - but our test data proved that was worthwhile. This car was then used as a test mule for our front brake cooling solution for the C6 chassis, and that last change transformed the car. These many changes - the rotors / calipers, the ABS swap, proper track pads, and then the brake cooling - make for a rock solid, track worthy braking system.

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The brake setup includes new "smooth" 14" Z06 rotors, Z06 6-piston front calipers, Vorshlag brake cooling, and Hawk DTC-70 pads + 4 piston Z06 brakes out back

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We converted this car from the "JL9" factory brake package eventually to the "J56" Z06 brakes. This includes new Centric rotors, 6-piston front calipers with stainless steel pistons, 4 piston rear calipers and rotors. A new AC Delco J56 "Z06" master cylinder was also added. The system uses Motul RBF600 fluid and Stoptech stainless steel braided lines. There are new Hawk DTC-70 pads up front and G-LOC R12 in the rear. These brake upgrades and modifications top $3500 in parts and labor.

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Programming the Mk60 ABS to work in this C6 with the late C6 "Active" wheel speed sensors and other changes

The pictures show the many parts and steps taken to convert this C6 to a TEVES Mk60 ABS - am upgrade which normally costs over $7000 in parts in labor. This included a Mk60 ABS hydraulic unit, a new wiring harness from Racing Harness Technologies, the proper pressure sensors, the yaw sensor (mounted under the radio), all of the power wiring and brake pedal switch to actuate the system.

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Later model "Active" wheel speed sensors were added at all 4 corners, with 33 spline SKF "X-tracker" units added up front, with ARP 3.5" wheel studs added at each corner. We mounted the Mk60 unit under the left front fender on an aluminum bracket we built, with bushings to isolate the vibrations from high frequency cycling on the hydraulic unit. There is an ABS trouble light LED added at the center section of the dash, near the shifter. We utilized multiple ABS tests and programming to dial in this system to perfection. There is an OBD2 style port for the ABS mounted under the hood, near the master cylinder, for trouble shooting and programming.

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We developed our production Vorshlag C6 front brake cooling deflector kit to this car, which was track tested and perfected over 4 revisions. These work in concert with front brake inlet ducting we custom built for this car, which capture air from under the carbon fiber front splitter lip to direct air towards the deflectors, which then redirected this cooling air to the front hubs and rotors. The air hitting the inside of the rotors is pumped out through the cooling vanes to cool the front rotors and pads.

POWER UPGRADES - The 2006 Corvette Coupe came with a Gen III 6.0L LS2 V8, which is rated at 400 whp in stock form. We dyno tested this at 360 whp when we bought the car, then at 382 whp with long tube headers, then added 80 horsepower to that with modifications that are detailed below - it currently makes 441 whp SAE, as shown in the dyno graph (nearly identical to the 7.0L LS7's power output), and it sounds very mild with no choppy cam or loud exhaust note.

For the majority of the time we owned this C6 the longblock stayed relatively stock, but we made some changes in early 2023 by adding cnc ported LS2 "243" cylinder heads (CNC work done at TEA, heads fully rebuilt and blue printed by HorsePower Research), new Comp Cams 1728 valve springs, and a custom ground Comp Cams camshaft (218° intake / 226° exhaust / 119° LSA + installed 1° advanced) using Comp "MGZ" lobes with .358" lift at the lobe, using OEM 1.8 ratio rockers). The intake was upgraded with a FAST LSXR102 manifold, a Nick Williams 103mm Drive-ByWire throttle body, and LG Motorsports carbon cold air. The fuel rails were upgraded to Deatschwerks billet fuel rails, with injectors from Fuel Injector Clinic. NGK BR7 spark plugs are installed along with Taylor 10.5 plug wires with DEI insulated boots. An ATI balancer and ARP crank bolt round out the engine mods. The long tube headers and other exhaust mods are detailed below. Again - this makes for a very mild mannered, very street friendly setup that makes 441 whp on 93 octane.

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The engine and everything else under the hood is clean enough to eat off of, and runs extremely well.

On September 2, 2023 we verified the final tuning and power levels on the dyno at LG Motorsports. The dyno numbers can be seen above and the video is in the second thumbnail below.

Above you can see the last dyno check-up done in September, as well as a new Nick Williams 103mm drive-by-wire throttle body added the day before the dyno. We had "borrowed" the original 103mm TB from this car for another project, as these were out of stock for several weeks. When that went in we also vacuum filled the cooling system and checked all other fluids for the final time - and the car worked flawlessly on the dyno, making several pulls with very consistent numbers.

CUSTOM EXHAUST WORK - This C6 is one of the quietest cars you will see that makes 440 whp. This was something we achieved with careful selection of parts, Z06 rear mufflers, and a manual muffler bypass system. The exhaust note sounds very mild, with no loud exhaust note.

At Vorshlag we are fans of high flowing exhaust but not needlessly LOUD sound levels. This emissions legal system with long tube headers, the Z06 mufflers, and LGM high flow catalysts makes for the perfect compromise exhaust, for an enthusieast who has outgrown the "Look at Me!" ultra loud modified cars. You could drive granny to church in this Corvette and not ruffle any feathers.

Adding these larger Z06 mufflers but keeping the functional bypass valves in place, then closing those valves, radically reduced the loud, raspy exhaust tone that you normally hear from most modified Corvettes. It idles at 700 rpm but can pull safely past 7000 rpm with the upgraded valvetrain and ported cylinder heads. Listen for yourself - it is dramatic! Click the image below for the video.

If you ever run at a "sound restricted" site and are pushing the dB limits, you could always close these muffler bypass valves and meet even the most stringent of sound standards. It is also a real joy when driving on the street, as the exhaust isn't blasting your ear drums with drone or unnecessary noises. And sure, if you want to wake the neighbors or unlock a few more horses, just flip that switch!

COOLING MODS - There are a number of updates we have done to this car that make it more appropriate for road course "track events". Most of the parts development we did on the S550 chassis is still included on the final version, which is detailed below.

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The single biggest improvement you can make to any C5/C6 Corvette is this DeWitts radiator. It is all aluminum, replacing a crimped plastic/aluminum factory unit. It is also HUGE and has more capacity, fins, and drops temperatures quite a bit on its own. We added a 180 deg thermostat and never see coolant temps above 190 deg F on track, even in Texas summer heat. When we added this radiator we replaced the factory lower radiator support. These commonly take damage when people drive over inclines and the original was no exception. Luckily these aluminum tubular structures are cost effective and easy to replace, when you have the front end apart. A new 16 psi cap is located in the aluminum remote coolant reservoir, which was made by Moroso. All of the radiator hoses have been replaced, as well as the water pump. While the radiator work was being done the factory A/C condenser was also cleaned out the the fins combed. The factory electric fans were also reprogrammed to come on at 195 degrees to keep temps under control for street driving. The end result is a car you can daily drive or drive for lap after lap on track, and the A/C blows cold no matter how how it is outside.

After track testing with the stock loop cooler, then upgrading to the C6 Z06 power steering cooler, we were still getting a whine and stream of power steering mist out of the reservoir cap. We decided then to "go all the way" and make the biggest power steering cooler that would fit the car, larger than we have ever seen used on a C6 Corvette. After we removed the transverse front spring during the coilover damper install, we found the room and used a massive 26" x 4" Setrab cooler, which spans the full width of the car. Yes, mounted underneath the subframe - just like how GM does coolers on the CTS-V, ZL1-1LE, ATS-V, and many more these days. All of this is plumbed with Fragola fittings and high pressure lines. We also replaced the power steering pump, reservoir and crank pulley (10% under driven) and use Motul synthetic fluid throughout. The result? The most rock solid, stable temperature, dead silent power steering you will ever find on a C6!

Engine oil temperatures got a bit too high on track, even in limited Time Trial use (typical stint 3-5 laps). Once we started seeing 285 deg oil temps we decided on adding an oil cooler. Instead of buying what we felt were compromised designs, we created a unique solution using this large Setrab cooler - which itself is popular in the C5/C6 Corvette world, for the ultra width shape that matches the lower grill opening. We mounted this with vibration isolators and aluminum brackets, keeping the cooler right in the best air stream about 1/4" ahead of the evaporator and radiator. We built Fragola reinforced AN lines to the Improved Racing EGM-112 thermostatic low profile oil take off, which mounts above the factory oil filter. As oil temperatures rise above 180 deg F this bypass then sends oil to and from the Setrab cooler, so you aren't over-cooling the oil on cold track days or in street use. This setup wasn't cheap but worked extremely well - its what we consider great insurance for track use in any C5/C6 Corvette up to 650 whp.

TRACK UPGRADES - This section covers some modifications that didn't fit elsewhere. A $300 Safecraft fire extinguisher on a billet aluminum quick release mount was added just ahead of the passenger seat base. We made a very nice oil catch can system that is tied into the factory PCV system, and it worked exteremly well. We could not use a "vented can" for the SCCA TT class we built around, and this one is emissions legal (the same catch can Lingenfelter uses). This mounts to a nice sheet aluminum bracket that comes off the battery tray.

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We also added the CAGS eliminator kit - which is the factory electronic nannies that force a 1st to 4th shift in normal driving. Utterly annoying when it happens, with with the CAGS bypass it no longer does this. Last but not least is MGW shifter, which we added in late 2022. This made a real differences for me on track with 2-3 upshifts, and I no longer avoided 2nd gear on track. Really well built piece adjusted to perfection.

WHEELS AND TIRES - Last but not least are the wheels and tires we added. We have amassed FIVE sets of wheels and tires for this C6, and two sets will come with this car, but the other 3 sets will be available to the buyer before they are sold separately - after the C6 sells.

We utilized these 3 sets of tires above in our track testing and Time Trial competition in 2021-22 with this C6

This C6 came with 18x8.5" front wheels and 19x10" rear wheels with some 3 different brands of 500 treadwear all season tires. I wanted to get a baseline lap in the car and made a handful of laps at one track event to see how underwhelming these were, making no more than .85g of grip. The wheels look nearly perfect and the tires have a good bit of tread, so they might make a great "street set", and they have factory TPMS sensors installed. This set of wheels and tires comes with the Corvette at the price shown.

This set of silver FlowOne wheels shown in the majority of the pictures also comes with the car. These are sized in 19x10" ET72 at all four corners and includes a good set of 275/35R19 Hankook RS4 200 TW tires. This was our "control tire" and what we used for our early testing, and they were a BIG improvement over the 500 TW tires it came with. This set has a new set of VDO tire pressure sensors that are programmed for this car, and they read out accurately on the digital dash.

This optional set of red 3-piece Jongbloed wheels above are the most expensive ($4400 new!) of the 5 sets we ran on this car, but offer the most performance advantage on track or for autocross. As such, we would recommend these for use as a "race set" and not for street use, as the 315mm tire on these is a "max fitment" for this car.

These Jongbloed wheels were custom built in 18x11" in front and 18x12" rear sizes, and require a specific set of spacers to fit onto this car. We had the best results on track with these wheels using Yokohama A052 tires in 315/30R18 at all 4 corners. All of our SCCA T2 classed Time Trial and CAM-S autocross wins happened on this wheel and tire setup. These wheels are VERY light and look amazing on this car with the red centers and polished lips. We will give the car buyer first right of refusal on this set of wheels, which currently has no tires mounted on them.

Another optional set of wheels shown above are a black set of the same flow formed 19x10" FlowOne wheels that comes with the car. I received these black wheels on accident, mounted the Hankook tires to them but never ran them - instead kept this set and re-ordered the silver 19x10 set (which I think looks better) for the Hankook tires.

This set comes with a set of 295/30R19 Hoosier R7 DOT race tires. These were utilized at two non-SCCA Time Trials (Apex and NASA) and are still in excellent shape. This tire takes 2-3 laps to come up to temp but then works consistently for many laps after that (we ran our 11 lap brake cooling test on these tires). These are the easiest to fit of all of the optional wheels, as they are identical to the silver 19x10" /275mm Hankook tire set we are including with the car.

The last optional set of wheels shown above are a a brand new set of flow formed OZ wheels in 18x11" ET75 size that fit this narrow body Corvette. We searched for an 18x11" size that had the right offset, but only found a mismatched set in these OZ wheels - with two black and two gold - and they are slightly lighter than the $4400 set of Jongbloed 3-piece wheels. When they arrived we realized that these needed a slightly larger hub bore opening, so we machined all 4 of these on our 3 axis CNC mill. They are otherwise brand new and have never had a set of tires mounted to them, and cost $550/each new. There is no set of tires that come with this set, but they would likely be ideal for a set of 295-315mm tires in 18" diameter. Again, we will give the Corvette buyer the first chance to buy this set before they are sold elsewhere.
contact info
This Corvette is for sale and looking for the right home!

This is the Corvette cornering hard with the 19 x 10" wheels, 295mm Hoosier R7 tires, and MCS coilovers at a NASA Time Trial event in TT3 class

It has $30K worth of parts and labor relating to the exhaust work, suspension, brake upgrades, coolers, wheels and tires, seats, harnesses, and other upgrades we have done. On this low mileage, exceptionally clean car we feel the the price listed is more than fair. The car has 46K miles and looks immaculate - inside, out, and under hood. The power upgrades have added 80 hp over stock without ruining the drive-ability of the original design, and with a flip of the switch it is quiet as a church mouse. Change the wheels/tires and turns some damper knobs, head to the track, and you can embarrass GT3s and other exotics.

We have priced this well sorted, very clean, track prepped 2006 Corvette at $42,500. While you might find one for less, all of those cars will have deferred maintenance and probably some "upgrades" that ruin the car's ride, driving feel, handling, or stopping power. If someone brought us a similar 2005-07 Corvette that was stock and perfect, we could not replicate this work and end result again for under $30K in parts and labor, on top of the price of the starting car. This car can be daily driven, is faster than a C8 on track, yet will have a significantly lower insurance and running costs.

This Corvette has SOLD. Feel free to call us (972-422-7170) or email (sales@vorshlag.com) with any questions about the car. With an appointment, you can view the car at the Vorshlag Motorsports facility.