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Cars For Sale: 2018 Mustang GT

This listing was for a Vorshlag built dual-purpose track/street car which we purchased new in February of 2018 and SOLD in December 2019. The classified ad is still shown for reference only.

On this car we tested 5 sets of shocks, 3 different brake systems, multiple brake cooling configurations, safety gear, tow hooks, power adding parts, and more. This "test mule" helped us develop new parts we made as well as those that various partners sent us to test. We campaigned this car in NASA Time Trial (TT3 and TT2 classes), Optima Ultimate Street Car events, SCCA autocross and Time trial, with a high win rate. After 18 months of ownership, in October 2019 we wrapped up the 2nd season of testing in this car, began de-stickering and detailing the car, and installed what we felt was the best combination of suspension parts, wheels/tires, power upgrades, and brakes to make this car appealing to most buyers. Please check the listing below for details of what this car comes with, but in short: this is street legal and track ready, with a perfect exterior, interior, and very low miles. "Only driven on weekends" for the last 18 months, but more than capable of being daily driven, too.


Price: SOLD
Miles: 2,473
Title: Clear Texas title (reg good through Feb 2020)
VIN: 1FA6P8CFXJ5110746
Engine: Gen III Coyote 5.0L 485 whp and 436 wtq
Drivetrain: Getrag MT82-D4 6-speed manual, Super 8.8" rear, 3.55 gearing
Colors:Race Red exterior, Black cloth interior
Mods: 19x11" MOMO wheels, Bridgestone 305/30R19 RE-71R tires, PP1 brakes, G-LOC pads, brake cooling,
ARH long tube headers, JLT CAI, custom 3" QUIET exhaust with cats, tow hooks,
oil cooler, aluminum radiator, under factory warranty, ready for the track
exterior and interior pics
This section details the exterior and interior mods and pictures. A full detail of both was done in October 2019 in preparation for this sale. Every picture on this page can be clicked for a higher resolution image.

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EXTERIOR - There are a few small modifications visible from the exterior, but nothing tacky or overt. The paint is in excellent shape - this car was literally only driven on the weekends and stored indoors in between events. Painted in factory "Race Red" paint with only very small signs of use. The windshield is brand new. There are track-worthy tow hooks installed front and rear, with a corresponding slot in the front lower grill as well as 4" oval brake cooling slots. We added the factory PP1 undertray and PP2 front splitter - everything else is exactly like it came from the factory.

INTERIOR - The interior is in flawless condition. The front and rear seats were removed shortly after purchasing this car and stored in bags, so they have probably only been sat in a few times. The carpet and interior panels are also perfect. We did add a Ford Racing 3-gauge cluster on an upper panel of the dash (this panel is easily replaced to go back to 100% stock). This cluster houses 3 stepper motor / electronic full sweep gauges to monitor oil temp, oil pressure and trans temp.

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OTHER VIEWS - We have some additional images below that show under hood (detailed), underneath the chassis (clean!), the trunk, and a picture of the odometer reading.

This under shot was taken in October - that is how the car will be delivered. All of the plastics, suspension parts, undertray and the rest is very clean. This car has zero leaks. The custom exhaust aft of the long tube headers is built for maximum ground clearance and flow but is MINIMUM noise. We have run this at sound restricted tracks and have stayed under 93 dB, all while making 485 whp and staying emissions legal.

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The engine and everything else under the hood is clean enough to eat off of. The trunk has all of the original carpets installed - even the 18" aluminum spare and jack, which was a $450 option on this 2018 model.
suspension, brakes, power, wheels and tires
This section shows the current suspension, brake and power upgrades that have been added to this Mustang GT. We also show the wheel and tire package that is being sold on this car. The very first system we focused on with this build was the suspension, and we are selling the car with the second of 5 damper sets we tested initially. We set a lot of fast laps on this exact setup and did well in both SCCA and NASA Time Trial and SCCA and Optima autocross on the exact setup that we are selling the car with

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This Mustang handles very neutral on track and still rides well on the street with the inverted monotube adjustable coilovers

SUSPENSION - We used this car primarily to test various suspension products that we developed in-house, or parts from partner vendors, to put through their paces. We ran two seasons of Time Trial and autocross events using 5 different shock packages, various swaybars, different control arms, and much more. When we were done with our testing we reinstalled the Whiteline/AST dampers, shown below. These provided really good performance, ride, and durability.

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These Whiteline coilovers (built by AST from their 5100 series) are inverted, adjustable monotubes. We substituted the front springs that came on this setup using Hyperco 450#/in rates. This coilover kit is both street worthy and track capable, with a rebound adjustment to alter damping for each situation. We tested originally with a modified rear OEM upper shock mount but this final iteration has our production 2-position spherical design installed, as shown in the middle picture above.

This is the 2018 GT cornering hard with the 19 x 11" wheels, 305 mm Bridgestones, and Whiteline coilovers installed

BRAKE SYSTEM UPGRADE - This car came from the factory with the inverted hat, 14" diameter rotors and 4 piston calipers. We upgraded quickly to the 15" diameter, 6 piston Brembo brakes from the "Performance Pack" option package. The images below show the current setup and everything else we changed to make this track worthy.

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This is the current brake setup - freshly turned PP1 rotors, Brembo 6-piston calipers, fresh brake lines, Vorshlag brake cooling, and G-LOC R16 pads

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We converted this car to the "PP1" factory brake package using new Centric rotors, Brembo 6-piston calipers, G-LOC R16 pads front and rear. This car has always had Motul RBF600 fluid, flushed regularly. The car was run at only 3 track events on these brake pads and rotors.

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We added production Vorshlag front brake cooling deflector kit (see last 3 images above) as well as brand new OEM front brake lines in October, when this 15" 6 piston Brembo brake setup went back on. The RBF600 fluid was also flushed and replaced at that time.

POWER UPGRADES - The 2018 Mustang came with the 3rd generation (Gen III) Coyote 5.0L V8, which is rated at 460 whp in stock form. We added 50 horsepower to that with bolt-on modifications that include: stainless 1-7/8" primary ARH long tube headers, ARH high flow cats and X-pipe, a JLT cold air induction, a custom dual 3" exhaust with Magnaflow mufflers, and tuned with the included SCT "X4" hand held tuner.

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The Ford "Fact Sheet" below describes significant updates made to the 2018 model year 5.0L engine and 6-speed manual transmission. These were improvements from the 2015-2017 model years (nothing has changed into the 2020 model year). Below are images of the parts we updated and the dyno chart showing the 485 whp and 436 wtq numbers.

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The American Racing Headers stainless steel 1-7/8" primary long tubes, X-pipe and high flow catalytic convertors made the biggest power change. Coupled with the JLT cold air intake, SCT "X4" tuner and custom dyno tune by True Street Motorsports the stock 434 whp / 391 wtq dyno tested output up to 485 whp / 436 wtq, shown below. All fluids are synthetics from Motul and we ran their 5W50 Ester oil and Mobil1 filters for track events.
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CUSTOM EXHAUST WORK - A number of other changes were made to keep the Mustang quiet, while still making the most power possible. We started with a portion of the stainless ARH merge + cats and added a Magnaflow dual 3" race exhaust.

After running a few track events with the long tube headers and "race" Magnaflow mufflers, the car was exceeding 105 dB measured sound levels, which can be problematic at some sites. It was also very loud in the car. After some careful measurements we found the biggest mufflers that could possibly fit the rear setup. We made some changes that we have done before - larger muffler case volume makes for less noise.

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Adding these larger mufflers (which still ended up being lighter without the twin tips) radically reduced the loud, raspy tone. It was much quieter from idle to 7000 rpm. We had several events after this where we saw a measured 93-95 dB, with no loss in power. A more "adult" sound, instead of the "boy racer" scream. This is not a system you can just go out and buy - it had to be custom built. We lost the "four tips" doing this, but it was well worth it.

TRACK RELATED MODS - There are a number of updates we have done to this car that make it more appropriate for road course "track events". Most of the parts development we did on the S550 chassis is still included on the final version, which is detailed below.

The above images show the current 3 gauge setup we added. These are using full sweep electronic gauges which have various back lighting options, color change for alarms, etc. These include 2-1/6" diameter oil pressure, oil temperature, and trans fluid temperature gauges - all mounted in a "Boss 302" Ford Racing gauge pod, which looks at home in this car. The sensors for the oil temp and pressure come from the Mishimoto oil filter sandwich plate and the trans temp sensor is mounted in place of the drain plug, as shown.

We made a few changes to the "aerodynamics" of this car, namely the addition of the PP@ undertray and splitter. This started as a "base" GT which came with a different undertray and lip. The PP2 setup makes for a flat bottom with two tunnels that feed air towards the brake rotors (and the Vorshlag brake cooling deflectors). The entire front setup uses the PP2 package parts (a dozen pieces).

We used this car to develop front and rear tow hooks for Vorshlag. The front hooks are made to fit the 2018-2020 GT front end and the rear fits all 2015-up Mustang GTs. The front hooks mount behind the front bumper beam on the passenger side and pass thru a slot we cut in the lower black grill insert. The rear hook fits above the rear exhaust tip. These are very handy if you ever need a track side tow, and are becoming a required upgrade even in some HPDE groups.

The Mishimoto oil cooler was a huge improvement on this car and part of what we consider a "required track upgrade" for all 2015-up Mustangs. The Mishimoto all-aluminum radiator is another massive upgrade over the stock unit, which had plastic tanks and is prone to failure. Both coolers work together to keep the engine oil and coolant temps under control, which are monitored with both the factory readouts and auxiliary gauges we added.

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Last but not least are the wheels and tires we added. This GT came with the 18 x 8" wheels and 235 mm all seasons, which were hilarious with a factory 460 hp V8. The 19 x 11" MOMO flow formed wheel package is 3" wider per corner, yet still lighter than the OEM wheels. This is their RF-20 wheel deep spoke wheel that sells for $2400 per set. The tires are Bridgestone RE-71R in 305/30R19 size, which are a "200 treadwear" tire that make high levels of grip (1.25g). Many of our best track laps (see below) were set on a set just like these, and this particular set has great tread life left (only 3 events on them). This is the widest wheel and tire package we make for the S550 Mustang chassis, and makes for the single biggest performance gain of any change done to this particular car. Street legal and track worthy, with Ford TPMS sensors installed to be able to see all 4 tire pressures in real time on the dash readout.
contact info
This Mustang was SOLD in December 2019.