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Our Team

Vorshlag owner Terry Fair brings three decades of racing and engineering experience to the Vorshlag team and will race anything with 4 wheels. Terry graduated from Texas A&M University with an engineering degree and has worked in several engineering disciplines including metallurgy, mechanical equipment design, control systems, and wireless devices. He actively participates in motorsports events including autocrossing, open track events, time trials, wheel to wheel road racing, and drag racing.  He usually campaigns one of the Vorshlag race cars at 20+ competition events a year, often co-driving with his wife Amy.

With racing experience ranging from the V8 RWD (Camaros, Mustangs, Corvettes, LSx BMWs) to the "not-so-tire-shredding" (Miata, 86, RX8, RX7, BMW E30, 240Z, etc), he understands the driving dynamics behind both high powered and momentum cars, and has been an instructor at countless autocross, track and Street Survival events. His obsession with reducing weight started many years ago and has always had an affect on car and component choices.

Jason McDaniel is our Lead Engineer and started autocrossing at 16 years old in an F-Prepared Datsun 240Z. As a lifelong car enthusiast and crew chief for several rally teams he has sampled every aspect of competition and construction. Jason is a Technical guru and has decades of racing experience ranging from Rally, Pikes Peak, Bonneville, to autocross and more. Knowledgeable on many automotive systems he can speak about topics from the most basic of handling questions to the most obscure. Jason is also adept at SolidWorks and does a chunk of majority drafting and design work on new products. He is also trained in GibbsCAM and CNC machine work and runs our CNC machine shop and has been with Vorshlag since 2011.
Vorshlag's co-owner Amy Fair is accountant, test driver, an avid autocrossers and NASA Time Trial competitor. During her 20+ years of autocross experience she has won at the SCCA National Championships three times and is also at 20+ events a year competing side-by-side with Terry.
Brad Maxcy is our Shop Manager and a technician. He has 32 years of experience building & autocrossing everything from a GM Firebird, Volkswagen Super Beetles, TVR 2500m, Miatas, Porsche 924s, C4 Corvette to currently a '98 BMW 328is in SCCA's Street Touring Extreme. Regional Executive for Sports Car Club of America Texas Region Solo program for 6 years. Event Chair for the 2013 SCCA Solo Nationals and for multiple years for Texas SCCA ProSolo & National Tour events, and currently Membership Chair for Texas Region SCCA. Brad attended the University of Arizona studying Architecture and is an avid photographer, shooting car pics in our shop daily as well as at motorsports events we all attend.
In addition to our "long term" employees above, but we have a solid team of employees that each bring unique skills to the table. We have William Curran in Operations, Bryan Howard and Jason Hodges in the CNC shop, Austin Bennet on our fabrication production, and Doug East on Fabrication and car construction. Without their help we wouldn't be building cars or machining or welding parts!