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Our History

What is "Vorshlag", you ask? Well, a loose translation of this mis-spelled German word is "an answer to a question.". And the "Vorschlagenhammer" is a sledge hammer, so... we try live up to that by offering better engineered suspension products that can "take a beating", with quality that "hammers" the competition. In reality "vorshlag" was short URL and it stuck.

"Vorshlag.com" was created in 2001, Vorshlag Motorsports was officially formed in 2005, and after we spun off part of the business we became "Vorshlag LLC" in 2009. This company is owned and managed by Terry and Amy Fair and is based in Plano, Texas. We moved into our first commercial space in 2011 and moved again into a space twice as big in 2014. We provide service, fabrication and race preparation work in our shop and manufacture our suspension components in house on CNC machinery. We are primarily focused on the development and manufacturer of automotive suspension products, which we sell through our online website as well as our extensive dealer network of repair, service and motorsports related shops. Vorshlag also resells select automotive products from other manufacturers, if we feel the brands fit our design aspects.


One of our main products is the Vorshlag spherical top mounts, and for strut equipped cars these are called "adjustable camber plates". We make dozens of models to fit many modern McPherson strut equipped cars as well as spherical shock top mounts for non-strut cars. We are also known for putting LS1 V8 engines into BMW chassis, which we started back in 2002. We currently offer V8 swap kits for several BMW chassis (E36, Z3, E46, Z4), the FRS/BRZ, and we have more in the pipeline.

A little about the thinking behind the company:

We may be a smaller company than some you could choose from, but we do have a dedicated staff working with us to help keep customer service, sales, design and manufacturing going smoothly. If you call in you will likely get Jon, Jason or Terry on the phone. Any of us can help you with tech or sales questions. In our shop we have a great crew of technicians including our shop manager Brad.