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For Sale: 2023 Subaru BRZ

This listing is for a Vorshlag owned and built dual-purpose track/street 2023 BRZ Limited that we custom ordered and received November 29, 2022. We used this chassis to develop and verify a number of products for Vorshlag, and this was campaigned in SCCA Time Trial Tuner-3 class in the 2023 season, where it won the class championship in the Texas Region SCCA. We completed testing on this car in February 2024 and placed it for sale in May 2024.

On this car we tested and developed numerous parts including: MCS Double Adjustable RR2 coilovers, a Motorsport big brake kit, multiple sets of wheels, safety gear, tow hooks, various suspension parts, and aftermarket seats. After 14 months of ownership we detailed the BRZ and put the car on the market. Please check the listing below for details of what this car comes with, but in short: this is street legal and track ready, a stock drivetrain with intact warranty, with a perfect exterior, interior, and extremely low miles "only driven sundays!". This car was stored inside a garage for it's entire life and has only seen rain twice, but it is more than capable of being daily driven, too.



Price: 42,000
Miles: 2,823
Title: Clear Texas title
Model: 2023 Subaru BRZ Limited with all dealer installed STi options + JDM Sti trim
VIN: JF1ZDBE10P9701268
Engine: 2.4L FA24 250 hp
Drivetrain: 6-speed manual, Torsen Limited Slip Differential
Colors: Red exterior, Black interior
Upgrades: MCS Double Adjustable RR2 remote double adj coilovers, Vorshlag camber plates, Hotchkis adjustable swaybars,
Whteline urethane bushings, Racer-X rear upper rear adjustable control arms, track alignment, custom spec'd 18x10" Forgestar F14 wheels,
Yokohama 265/35R18 A052 tires, Powerbrake 330 mm 4 piston front brakes with 2-piece rotors, Brey-Krause harness bar,
Lifeline 6-point harnesses, Corbeau FX1 fixed back seats (with slider), front and rear tow hooks, rear tie down hooks,
oil pan baffle, aluminum radiator, ready for the track!

exterior and interior pics

This section details the exterior and interior mods and pictures.

EXTERIOR - There are no to the exterior, other than the optional STi black pieces. The paint is in perfect shape - this car was literally only driven on the weekends and stored indoors in between events.

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This car was ordered with all of the factory STi options (except the roof mounted vortex generator), as shown below in our initial order screen shot below.

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These options included the factory short throw shifter, Push Button engine start switch, front under spoiler, rear under spoiler, side under spoiler, and trunk spoiler. We also ordered one JDM market trim piece as well (the side vents).

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The dealership installed the short throw shifter and push start button and the rest was installed here at Vorshlag. These don't add to any measurable downforce or anything, but they do look pretty striking and set this apart from any other red BRZ you will see.

INTERIOR - The interior is in flawless condition, with a full detail of the interior in May 2024 in preparation for this sale. The BRZ comes with both the Limited seats as well as these Corbeau FX1 fixed back racing seats. We have installed the Corbeau seats using Vorshlag 86 seat mounting bases and side brackets, with a Sparco slider on the driver's side. A Brey-Krause harness bar has been installed in the back seat, and Lifeline Copse 6-point harnesses have been installed on both sides - with the shoulder harnesses on the B-K bar and the lap and anti-sub belts onto anchors in the seat bracket bases.

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The factory limited Leather/Suede seats come with the car. We removed these early in the build, bagged them, and put them in climate controlled storage. These can be reinstalled in "tens of minutes" for a completely stock experience. These come with the purchase of the car.

The factory front seats were removed shortly after purchasing this car and replaced with Corbeau FX1 fixed back seats, ordered in red with black accents. The FX1 seats provide much more lateral support for your upper body and legs. These are also better suited for use on track with the 6-point harnesses we also installed. We initially installed these with just the lower lap belts and the factory 3-point belts, shown below.

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We spent considerable time and effort designing the seat mounting base brackets for this chassis and these seats, to maximize headroom and set the proper base tilt angle. The brackets that came from this car are now our production 86 racing seat bracket bases, which we sell regularly. These mount to the four factory seat mounting holes and also contain the anchors for the anti-sub and lap belts. We also moved the OEM seat belt lower buckle to the driver's side seat, which allows the OEM belts to be used for street driving.

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After waiting two months for it to arrive, this Brey-Krause harness bar finally arrived in June 2023. This was installed into the rear structure, with vertical supports that tie into the lower front seat belt bolts to keep it from rotating. Some like to scoff at "harness bars" but this is a VERY beefy assembly, and Brey-Krause is known for over-engineered harness bars and seat mounting kits. You can remove the harness bar and barely see the upper mounting stubs in the rear. After the B-K bar went in we finally added the shoulder straps for the Safecraft 6-point FIA harnesses, with the lap and anti-submarine belt mounting anchors already mounted into the seat bracket bases. These have passed technical inspection for 3 different Time Trial groups (SCCA, NASA and Apex). We spent $4000 in parts plus labor on these interior upgrades.

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We utilized this BRZ to develop our wider set of side brackets to fit this chassis with a Sparco dual locking slider. This allows the left seat to be used for multiple driver sizes.

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The only other interior modification is our custom bracket we built to mount the SOLO2 DL and Garmin Catalyst - shown in the section below. A 1" ball RAM mount is included that can be used for a phone mount holder or the Garmin lap timer mount. The rest of the interior is all stock and works perfectly - the dash, climate control air conditioning blows ice cold air, radio, everything.

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This morphed from a simple RAM mount base made in December 2022 (first 3 pics above) to the expanded mount for the AEM gauge, Garmin Cayalyst mount, and SOLO2 DL mount in July of 2023 (last two pictures above). This proved to be the most useful way to mount all of those devices, but with a few minutes time can be converted back to just a simple RAM mount base or no mount at all. NOTE: The Solo2DL and Garman Catalyst are NOT included. All of the wiring, the Garmin camera, the AEM oil pressure gauge, and the AiM CANBUS bridge are included.

suspension, brakes, reliability upgrades, cooling mods, wheels and tires

This section shows the current suspension, brake and reliability upgrades that have been added to this BRZ.

SUSPENSION - We altered the suspension in stages on the stock BRZ to get to the T3 winning setup we have now. The MCS Remote Reservoir double adjustable monotube coilovers are the main suspension upgrade ($6073 worth of springs and dampers), which utlizes our GTS spring rates, optional rear tender springs, and Vorshlag camber plates and spherical rear shock mounts.

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We tested the suspension modifications on the Motorsport Ranch 1.7 CCW course after every step, and quantified the changes this way. This series of mods transformed the soft, squishy stock suspension into a better handling car that is fast on track / autocross yet easy to drive. The goal was to maintain ride quality, and even with 550/600 #/in rate springs the car is still very livable on the street. The MCS remote reservoir double adjustable coilovers are world class monotube dampers that have amazing performance, good ride, top notch durability, and major adjustability in both Rebound and Compression - as well as ride height at each corner.

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New Hotchkis adjustable swaybars were added at both ends as well as Whiteline adjustable front end links and Hotchkis rear links.

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The Hotchkis 22445 kit ($568) includes a 25.4mm diameter 2-way adjustable front and 19mm diameter 4-way adjustable blade style rear bar

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There were many other changes to the suspension to have less geometry change under heavy braking and lateral loads, and with the 265mm Yokohama A052 tires on 18x10" wheels, that was warranted. Below you can see the work that went into installing the adjustable rear upper arms from Racer-X. We chose this brand as it was legal for SCCA Time Trial Tuner class use, and unlike the adjustable lower arms we tried before, they cannot "slip" on an eccentric. The bushings were all drilled and tapped for grease zerks as well.

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We then replaced all of the rest of the factory rubber bushings with polyurethane versions from Whiteline. Like the arms above, every single bushing has a drilled and tapped grease zerk fitting to allow grease to be added (annually) to the inner sleeve, and very time consuming but necessary step. This removes any noise or "sticktion", and will help these bushings outlast the car.

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We utilized several adjustment methods to achieve what we felt was the ideal alignment, shown below.

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The alignment specs above were achieved via the slotted holes/slugs in the MCS Double Adjustable RR2 front struts, the Vorshlag camber plates, and the Racer-X rear arms. This setup was perfected over a year of track competitions and multiple costly alignment sessions. And while these alignment settings might seem agressive, they have proven on track to maximize grip grip, handling balance, and tire wear. You can see what this static camber looks like once loaded up in a high speed corner, above right - it is just enough. We manage excellent tire wear and grip levels that exceed our competition - this is what we do at Vorshlag!

BRAKE SYSTEM UPGRADE - This BRZ came from the factory with the same brakes as any other 2nd gen 86, and we managed to kill the pads and rotors on our very first track outing driving 3 sessions. The factory brakes might seem "good enough" but there is always "BETTER".

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Before doing any brake and wheel upgrades, we were super unimpressed with the factory lug nuts and wheel studs. Like most of our cars, we upgraded the wheel studs at all four corners with these ARP heavier duty 3" long versions. We of course utilized Vorshlag M12-1.25 lug nuts on the new setup, but a better surface to mount the many wheel sets we utilized on this car.

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The factory brakes include somewhat small 1-piece front rotors and and 2 piston calipers up front, with similarly sized rear set. The factory ABS is very good, but even with G-LOC pads on the stock brake rotors we felt the car was lacking. After only 6 track events we had worn out the G-LOC R16 front pads, so it was time to do somehting better.

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The current brakes include Powerbrake X-Line X4ES 4-piston Motorsport grade calipers and 325x28mm rotors

Powerbrake is a Motorsports brake supplier out of South Africa which we have utilized on many Vorshlag shop builds. This Powerbrake X-Line X4ES 4-piston / 325x28mm Front Brake Kit was run briefly on our 1st gen 86, but after a few events of use on that car we bolted it to this 2nd gen BRZ. These bolted, billet front calipers are simply massive, and run very thick pads. Even as big as they are, these aluminum calipers are lighter than the steel 2-piston factory units, as shown below. The larger 2-piece rotors weigh almost the same as the smaller 1-piece units as well, and will still work with 17" diameter wheels.

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The Motorsports front brake upgrade is a huge improvement in feel and braking power. The included super thick front pads are very long wearing and provide excellent feedback. The rear G-LOC pads also stop and wear extremely well. The front Motorsport brake upgrades, wheel studs, and other brake system modifications top $3500 in parts and labor.

ENGINE RELIABILITY MODS - This section covers the reliability upgrades we did to the engine. With 250 hp we didn't feel the need to add more power, and this keeps the factory drivetrain warranty intact. It even has the factory (quiet) exhaust!)

The 2022-up BRZ comes with the new for 2022 model year "FA24" 2.4L flat four naturally aspirated engine and it is rated at 250 hp at 7000 rpm. It uses direct injection and a 12.5:1 compression ratio to achieve this power level and 25/30 mpg fuel economy. There have been a few issues noted by "the internet" that potentially caused premature engine failures for these 2nd gen 86 owners, so we addressed those with some simple upgrades, a tuning change, and an oil pressure monitoring and logging system. We will detail these upgrades below, but we have had zero issues with these "common problems" because we avoided the root causes: We checked the RTV / oil pickup screen, added an oil pan baffle, changed the rev limiter function, and added a proper oil pressure gauge which we data logged with an AiM SOLO2 DL. All of these modifications come with the purchase of this car, except the actual SOLO2 unit itself (but the wiring for this + the camera for the Garmin Catalyst will come with this BRZ).

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The Vorshlag BRZ being sold here has been reliable - the oiling system was safely upgraded before it was ever track driven

First up - some early 2022 models had excessive RTV application at the oil pan to engine block interface from the factory, and some early buyers noted excessive RTV in the oil pickup screen that could lead to low oil pressure on track. We feel this was blown out of proportion, and did not seem to affect 2023 and newer builds. There are also some oil control issues inside the pan that should be addressed. We fixed both of these issues on DAY 1 of ownership of this car, with less than 80 miles on the odometer. That work is detailed here:

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Above you can see the Tomei oil pan baffle, which we added on the first day of ownership. While this was installed we cleaned out one single sliver of excessive RTV from the oil pump's pickup tube (the factory clearly changed their oil pan install methods). We did this baffle upgrade before the car ever went on track, and we have not seen the wild swings in oil pressure others have seen. We also purposely DID NOT install an aftermarket external oil cooler. Why? Because the popular units that we see 86 owners use have internal passages that are too small, and these can and will add to a significant oil pressure drop . We have seen this in many markets, not just the 86. The internet has spawned people who will just "follow others", which leads to an "upgrade" that actually becomes a real reliability downgrade. The factory coolant-to-oil oil cooler has shown to be adequate, and coupled with the CSF radiator and other cooling system upgrades, our car never saw excessive coolant or oil temperatures.

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We upgraded from the factory 0-20W oil to Motul 8100 series 5W40 syhtnetic oil on day one, when doing the oil pan baffle installation. We noted in our oil pressure monitoring that this engine never saw the "low pressure" readings that others had tested in elaborate YouTube videos - but virtually all of those used thinner oil and an aftermarket oil cooler, both of which will contribute to lower oil pressure in track use.

In addition to the oil pan issues, the factory rev limiter can been atrtibuted to some engine failures. The factory limiter is set at 7500 rpm, but is controlled by a "fuel cut" method, which is very violent in action. This "bang-bang-bang" rev limiting method sends a shock wave of momentum through the somewhat long and heavy timing chains, and this back and forth motion does the valvetrain no favors when a driver reaches that limit. We noted this at one event where a straight was long enough to need 5th gear briefly, then a downshift to 3rd. Instead of that 4-5 upshift and then 5-3 downshift, we left it in 4th gear and touched the rev limiter. Hitting that was so upsetting that it nearly spun the car, so we avoided that from that point on - until we took the car to Dotson Tuning in January of 2023 (2 months after we purchased it).

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Calvin at Dotson Tuning installed a custom tune via EcuTek software that was used to "fill in the dip" in the power curve, but more importantly to install a "soft rev limiter" feature. This uses the drive-by-wire throttle body to start to close the throttle at 7300 rpm and will not let the engine rev past 7400 rpm. It doesn't cut fuel or spark, so the violent "bang-bang-bang" factory style limiter is never reached. You can drive up to the rev limit and it slowly noses over once the threshold revs are reached - it simply will not accelerate further. So much safer, and makes the car easier to drive on track or autocross. It is signifiucantly better way to limit revs, and this tuning method is used by several aftermarket EFI systems and tuners - we wish the OEMs would adapt to this method, too!

Lastly we will cover the AEM digital oil pressure gauge installation. We picked this gauge because it has a bright digital reading, along with a color coded ring of LEDs on the permieter to show high and low pressure faults, as well as a 0-5 volt output which we sent to our AiM SOLO2 DL data logging unit. This was done with a CAN expanstion bridge from AiM, which is installed and comes with this car. The factory CAN channels are also logged into the SOLO2 DL.

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Above you can see the oil pressure plumbing and mounting. We consulted engine builders at HorsePower Research and others to find the proper oil pressure tap point for the FA24 engine, which is just below the throttle body. The factory does not include a proper oil pressure sensor, just an "idiot light". This way we could drive the car on track with confidence, log the data, and even note differences in oil weights to guide us to the safest possible setup. Again, we have had zero issues with oil pressure in the 2800 miles of use for this car.

COOLING MODS - We added a CSL radiator to this BRZ, just because the class allowed it. This larger capacity, all aluminum radiator replaced the smaller plastic/aluminum OEM unit. While we were doing this work we also added Mishimoto's entire lineup of red silicone cooling hoses, and an aluminum CSF radiator cap section - which replaced OEM rubber hoses and a plastic radiator cap housing.

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This car has a factory coolant-to-oil cooler, which works fine. We monitored oil temperatures and decided against adding an external oil cooler. We have actually seen marked oil pressure drops from aftermarket oil coolers, so this was part of the decision.

TRACK UPGRADES - This section covers some modifications that didn't fit elsewhere in this listing.

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We designed new rear tie down hooks for the 86 chassis on this car, which makes strapping the car down to a trailer much easier. These are added to the rear 2 subframe bolts and work just like the factory front hooks.

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We also added a Racer-X billet aluminum battery hold down + Racer-X oil catch can kit. Raceng front and rear tow hooks were also purchased and installed on this car, which make winching the car into an enclosed trailer much easier - and are required for some Track organizations. A Cusco throttle pedal extension was added, which makes heel-toe downshifts easier. Lastly a custom built Delrin mount was made and mounted to the front grill to hold an AMD transponder. The holder comes with the car, but the transponder does not.

The next upgrade shown below is an OPTIONAL Coolshirt Pro system driver cooling system, which comes with the BRZ for an additional $500.

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This includes the larger 19 qt Coolshirt systems cooler and pump, 12' dual hose kit, and custom trunk mounted bracket.

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We mounted a custom built and red powder coated bracket in the trunk for the 19 quart cooler and pump assembly, with lines that can run to the driver's suit in the passenger cabin. The switch for the pump is located in the center console between the two drink holders. We built a sub bracket from aluminum that utilizes OEM mounting points, then added our custom built bracket for this exact cooler that we had powder coated red. On hot track days a bag of ice and water can be placed in the cooler, then switched on as needed for driver cooling - with the switch in easy reach. If the buyer doesn't opt for this we will gladly use this in one of our other shop race cars.

WHEELS AND TIRES - Last but not least are the wheels and tires we utilized for this build, and two sets come with the purchase of the car.

We utilized many different wheels and tires to compete in two classes and through one season of development

We have amassed three sets of wheels and have five sets of tires for this 86, and two sets of wheels and tires will come with this car. We will offer the other two sets to the buyer before they are sold separately - after the 86 sells.

This set of custom 18x10" Forgestar CF5 wheels and 265/35R18 Yokohama tires come with the car. We ran these in a few Time Trial events in late 2023

This first included set of wheels shown above and below come with the car. These were custom spec'd 18x10" wheels made to order for us by Forgestar. This is a flow formed wheel called the "CF5" and is the widest wheel you can fit under stock 86 fenders - we literally built the suspension in the way we did to be able to sneak in more wheel width than others' have managed. We have run these wheels with both 275mm Falkens (which were slow and we sold them) and the existing 265mm Yokohama A052 tires without rubbing. This set has Autel TPMS sensors installed and programmed to this car. The wheels were ordered in raw finish and custom powder coated in a red color that matches the exterior of the car. This set of wheels and tires comes with the 86 at the listed sale price.

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Another included set of wheels and Falken RT-660 tires are the original OEM 18x7.5" wheels from this 2023 BRZ, shown below.

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This second included set includes the original 18x7.5" wheels from the Limited package come. These are also fitted with the TPMS sensors and programmed to this car. The mounted tires are 225/40R18 Falken RT-660s tires with 3 track tests on them. We also have the original Michelin PSS tires that have less than 300 miles on them up in storage, available to buy for the car's buyer.

contact info

This BRZ is for sale and ready for track fun. We took a $34K new car, added a lot of time and high end parts at it, and are selling it for the price shown with very low miles and very tasteful and proven upgrades. The $7500 suspension upgrades are dialed in, the $3000 Motorsport brakes are incredible, the $4000 in racing seats / harnesses / upgrades + OEM seats are there for your track or street uses, and sale includes both the OEM wheels and a max fitment 18x10" set. The upgraded radiator, data logging, and other track upgrades are there. The optional driver cooling system is installed and ready to keep you cool. Buy now and track it competitively and safely on day 1!

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This 86 handles very neutrally on track and still rides great on the street with the MCS monotube double adjustable coilovers

The NADA trade-in value is high for this 1 year old car with under 3000 miles, then add the $20,000 worth of parts (plus labor) relating to the suspension, brakes, cooling upgrades, the two sets of included wheels and tires, the two sets of seats and harnesses, and other upgrades we have done. On this extremely low mileage, exceptionally clean car, and proven track performer, we feel the the price listed is more than fair. Some of you might balk at that price - but if you brought a similar era 86 to Vorshlag and asked for all of the same parts, you'd be given a $25K bill, and that would be without all of the alignments, track testing, and fine tuning.

Again, the car has 2800 miles and looks immaculate - inside, out, and under hood. The suspension and brake upgrades offer amazing lap time drops without ruining the drive-ability of the original design. Head to the track, turns some damper knobs, and you can embarrass 911s and other high end cars.

We have priced this well sorted, very clean, track prepped 2023 BRZ at $42,000. While you might find one for less, none of those cars will have the same level of upgrades, driving feel, proven performance, or stopping power of this car. It is still under the factory drivetrain warranty, too.

This ad will stay active with a price listed until the BRZ sells. Feel free to call us (972-422-7170) or email (sales@vorshlag.com) with any questions about the car. With an appointment, you can view the car at the Vorshlag Motorsports facility.