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S550 Mustang Front Tow Hook - Red (2018-23 Mustang GT)

Most HPDE, Time Trial, and other road course groups are requiring front and rear tow hooks for all cars, to speed up "extractions" when someone has an off track excursion, or has a breakdown. For most cars there are some simple "screw in" tow hook options, but many Mustang chassis do not have an easy to install tow hook from the factory. There are countless "bolt on" tow hooks for these cars, but many of those require permanent holes be cut into painted sections of the bodywork. Others require the removal and replacement of well engineered crash beam structures - often replaced with little tubing with a hook on there. Scary stuff.

For the road course groups that don't yet require tow hooks, when/if you have an off or some other breakdown that necessitates your car being "brought in on the hook", the wrecker driver will find a way to drag your car out of the swamp, onto the flat bed, or flat tow you on a strap into the pits. If whatever they hook onto damages your car's costly paint or bodywork, that's on you - nothing should slow down an event because you brought an under-prepared car.

We looked at the variety of options for front and rear tow hooks for the S550 Mustang chassis, scratched our heads, and came up with some new options. This entry is for our "bolt on" front tow hook for the 2018-22 Mustang GT. Other S550 models will be listed in this section.

This hook is made from plate steel, CNC plasma cut, bent on a fixture, two bend supports are added, and it is all fully TIG welded together - all here at Vorshlag. We then add a powder coat finish in gloss red. If you want a set in another color, call us - we will make you a "raw steel" set you can have painted or coated in whatever color you want.

The front tow hook comes through a "dead" section of the lower plastic grill. We will include a cutting template for this tow hook slot as well as our optional 2018-19 GT 4" oval front brake inlet ducts. This tow hook can be removed and the lower plastic grill replaced easily if you are wanting to put the car "back to stock" later.


This S550 Mustang front tow hook requires removing the front bumper cover, unbolting the rear crash beam, and sliding the hook between four of the factory bolt holes on the right side to secure it in place.

You will need to cut a slot in the lower plastic grill for the hook to pass through. Again, this is made to fit the 2018-2023 Mustang GT models ONLY.

More detailed installation photos are here.