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S197 Mustang Axle Bump Stop Relocation Kit

Vorshlag has a lot of years wrenching on and racing with the S197 Mustang chassis (2005-2014 models). We created this Rear Axle Bump Stop Relocation kit product for two reasons. First, to move the axle mounted bump stop forward, to get a bit more travel. And second, to allow the use of really wide rear wheels under stock fenders.

The S197 can swallow some BIG wheels and tires without any modifications - up to 11" wide wheels and 315mm tires under the stock fenders. But we wanted a little more...

In 2012 we ordered a pair of 18x12" rear wheels, and with one small change made then fit under stock fenders on the back of this S197 chassis. It took very precise with backspace measurements and one small change to the factory bump stop "striker" plate. This 12" wide wheel better supports "wide" 315mm race tires, like the Hoosier R7/A7. But there was one "hang up" - the tie down hook / "upper bump stop striker plate" structure circled below.

Early on we would remove the axle-mounted bump stop and just run a bump stop on the shock, as shown above. But we found that it helps to have a bump stop at the axle. But with 12" wide wheels the barrel of the wheel would "hang" on this bump stop striker plate "protrusion" on the chassis.

To gain inboard wheel room here we remove this upper bracket. This is done by drilling out the a number of spot welds (shown above) using a spot weld cutter (a 3/8" broach with a spring loaded alignment pin). Thoroughly clean the metal in this area and mark the spot welds, then use a center punch to located the center of each one.

These are welded both at the underside of the frame and on the outer sessions. The spot weld cutter is shown above. Line up the cnter pin to the punched holes and drill through the layer of metal to be removed. Don't drill through BOTH layers of metal, just the outer bracket.

Once you have the bracket removed (above) you can now clear Vorshlag spec'd 12" wide rear wheel under the stock fenders and it won't "hang" on this bump at full droop.

We suggest coating the area with some weld-thru primer (below) and additionally with paint, to protect it for years of use.

The part we are selling here is made for S197 users doing this "striker plate delete". It allows use of the OEM axle-mounted bump stop but relocates it ONE INCH inboard and a bit forward, so that the foam bump stop impacts the center of the factory reinforced frame rail, instead of the extended striker bracket that is removed.

This bracket we make bolts to the axle housing using the OEM bolts (Torx shown above) and foam bump stop bolts to the Vorshlag bracket with the provided M8 bolts and nuts. NOTE: This might not fit with factory style "beehive" springs in the rear. We have only installed this on cars with coilover shocks and smaller diameter coilover springs, as shown.