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CSM Weld-in Reinforcement Plates for BMW E46 Rear Subframe Mounting Points

The E46 is plagued by rear subframe mounts cracking and tearing the floor. This damage is often hidden above the subframe bushings and can go unnoticed until it starts "clicking" on acceleration and braking or the handling degrades.

Vorshlag has repaired a number of E46 rear subframe mounts and tried all the popular reinforcement plates. Our favorite is this set from CSM. They have developed a comprehensive set of six CNC laser cut plates that are cut and bent to match the contours of the E46 chassis and capture all six mounting points and add the most support to the critical subframe mounts.

The CSM reinforcement plates are similar to the factory fix, but shaped for better fit with more surface area to spread the loads. This allows more weld edges for a stronger repair. The larger area will cover and reinforce longer cracks.

This reinforcement kit is highly recommended for ALL E46 models, even street cars. We reinforce these mounts on every E46 that we build, particularly competition cars.

  • Fits all E46 and E46 M3 models
  • Welding is required
  • Goes beyond the factory repair method
  • Required for E46 competition cars
  • Prevents future damage, repairs existing damage

 Instruction Gallery: BMW E46 Rear Subframe Reinforcement