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HD Rubber Rear Shock Mounts

OEM Style Heavy Duty Rubber Rear Shock Mounts (RSM)

Note: Depending on availability, the brand of the RSM's is typically Sachs, but is sometimes Lemforder or Meyle HD.

For those of you not ready to run spherical mounts at the rear shock mount locations of their BMWs, here's your answer. This Heavy Duty unit's rubber bushing has a steel sleeve to prevent wear that occurs from the threaded shaft, a common cause of poly or rubber shock mount failure. The rubber has a higher durometer than stock and is a great replacement part for original E30, E36 and E46 rear shock mounts.

Inspect the shock mounts anytime you hear any noise form this area or whenever the shocks are removed. Look for worn bushing material and inspect the shock mounting sheet metal for fatigue. These rear shock mounts are designed to work with most OEM and some aftermarket BMW shocks that utilize a 10mm upper shaft diameter. Please contact us about using them on other rear shock designs (some of which have larger diameter shock shafts).


The factory RSM has washers that go above and below the Rubber inside this RSM. Make sure to install these on your new RSMs. Aftermarket shock kits will usually come with new washers as well. These MUST be used or you will pull the rubber right out of the steel housing, letting your shock flop around, completely useless with a potential to become damaged. We have provided instructions for proper installation of Rubber RSMs onto BMW E30/36/46 models, here: Instructions


Shipping weight 1.4 pounds.