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E36/46/E92 M3 Competition Motor Mount - 2013 Upgrade Kit

This catalog entry is for a the parts needed to upgrade an existing Vorshlag Competition Motor mount Assembly made from 2006-2012 to the new 2013 specification.

As with all racing parts, there are always design parameters that have compromises. We designed the Vorshlag Competition Motor Mounts to fit this chassis, add stiffness to the mounts, and to meet certain BMWCCA and SCCA class rules. The original rules restriction called out a "percentage of metal content" that could not change. This limited how much aluminum we could add to the design.

Pictures above show the complete Motor Mount Assembly for reference (not included)

In 2013 the SCCA changed the wording of the driveline and bushing rules in several classes, completely removing the metal percentage requirement and just giving it a "must weigh as much or more than stock" limit. This allowed us to improve the design and still remain legal for all of these classes that use this new rule wording. In spring 2013 we updated the drawings to add more metal to the base assembly, which shortened the length of the stud and lengthened the center post. It also supports the bushing insert along more of its length, which is helpful as the motor mounts are canted at an angle in the engine bay and see some side loading.

The updated Vorshlag motor mount's aluminum center section is now 1.2" longer, which makes the entire assembly stronger. The new main stud is also shorter and should see less bending stress if the mount is loose, or when the motor is tilted on the axis of this stud, etc. All Vorshlag E36/46 Competition Motor Mounts sold since May 2013 have this new base design. But what about those of you who have mounts from 2006-2012, that want to upgrade?

If you already own a complete set of Vorshlag E36/46 Competition motor mounts we offer this shopping cart entry that has the 2013 version of the aluminum base, with all associated studs pre-installed, as well as all new Nylock nut and washer hardware for the top and bottom. Just add the existing Nylon or polyurethane bushing and upper aluminum cap from your old set and you are Upgraded.



Again: this catalog entry is only for a pair of Motor Mount Bases and associated hardware only! You must already have an entire Vorshlag Competition Motor Mount assembly for this upgrade to be complete.