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Tender or Helper Spring Package - 2.25"

2.25" Tenders and Helpers

Spring Name and Rate Extended Height Compressed Height
Eibach 2.25" Tender 150 lbs/in Short
2.72" 0.97"
Eibach 2.25" Tender 150 lbs/in Long 3.39" 1.08"
Eibach 2.25" Tender 200 lbs/in 3.07" 0.84"
Eibach 2.25" Tender 250 lbs/in 3.46" 1.20"
Hyperco 2.25" Helper 12 lbs/in
Eibach 2.25" Helper 12 lbs/in 5.91" 0.56"


This package includes two tender or helper springs and two dual spring adapters.
Main springs and perches are not included and are shown for instruction purposes.

Vorshlag Motorsports has tailored spring packages for the popular Motion Control Suspension dampers that match what most of our customers use their cars for. These spring packages take into account competing desires for maximum tire room, chassis and suspension clearance, component costs, and appropriate spring rates.

Some of our customers have different needs and can sacrifice a little on one of those features to add some additional damper performance with a tender spring, or ease of service with a helper spring. We offer a variety of these springs to solve different issues.

We offer stiffer Tender Springs to keep some pressure on the spring seat during full droop events. We offer Helper Springs to help guide the main spring back to the perch with minimal change in the perch height.

We make our own Delrin spring adapters for dual spring systems. The Delrin material is easier on threaded damper bodies and does not cause the sort of damage the aluminum adapters can inflict.

  • Tender springs should be around one third the rate of the main spring
  • Tender or Helper springs should be the same diameter of the main spring
  • Tender or Helper springs can be added to any coilover application, but not to a divorced spring location
  • Delrin spring adapters cause less damage to threaded damper bodies than aluminum adapters
  • Springs are sold in pairs with spring adapters

Please see the options below. We note the diameter, rate, and extended and compressed heights of each spring. Other Tenders and Helpers are available, but we have narrowed down the range to the most useful rates and lengths for our suspension packages.