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S197 Mustang Suspension

Whiteline Ford S197 Mustang Front End Links (For Coilovers)

The S197 Mustang comes with non-adjustable end links, but when you lower your Mustang with lowering springs or coilovers, adding adjustable end links allows you to remove preload from your sway bar. More importantly for coilover applications the overall length of the endlink needs to be shorter than stock.

Most coilovers have a lower endlink bracket on the strut.  This allows for a larger threaded area for greater ride height adjustment.  Using an OEM length endlink though can cause poor geometry with the sway bar, or can even cause the sway bar to contact the lower control arm.  To correct this we use a shortened adjustable endlink. 


  • Ford S197 Mustang specific ball style link
  • Shortened length for Coilovers
  • 230-255mm Length
  • 25-30mm of adjustment range
  • Replaces the factory non-adjustable end links

Installation Instructions:

  • Heavy-Duty Adjustable Endlinks - Available from us here