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S197 Mustang Suspension

S197 Mustang - Rear Tie Down Loop Kit (pair)


For years Vorshlag has been hauling around our TT3 Mustang to race tracks around the country. For most of that time we dealt with the issues most people have when transporting a lowered race car in the tight confines of a trailer...tow strap placement.

For the rear the normal towing solution is to get an "axle strap" and wrap it around the solid rear axle tubes, then hook ratchet strap to that. But to reach up in there and get the axle strap on is a real pain in the ass - crawling on the floor, watching out for the brake lines, reaching around the hot exhaust, routing the straps around a panhard or watts link, and the other hazards under the car can get annoying. There had to be a better way to tie down the rear of this car to a trailer.

Now Vorshlag makes these stout, 1/4 inch thick, CNC laser cut, steel tow loops that are easily mounted to the lower rear suspension mounting holes on the rear axle housing. These are highly visible and offer much easier access to hook your tie-down straps to directly, with much less hazard or hassle, getting your car loaded and tied down to the trailer in seconds. These are angled approx 23 degrees to line up properly for "crossing the rear straps" in an X pattern, to hold it back and side-to-side.

Key Features

  • 1 Pair of Tow Loops
  • 1/4" Thick Steel, Laser Cut
  • Quick Access Point for tow hooks to strap a car down at the rear, to your trailer
  • Pre Bent for better alignment when crossing the rear tow straps
  • Powder Coated Bright Red for visibility for you or track safety crews - these can also be used for "off track extraction, if you let the tow truck driver know where they are.

We used these on the rear of our TT3 Mustang for almost two years, and on a few customers cars as well, before making a production run and releasing then to the public. Shipping weight is 2.0 pounds

One of our racer friends (Pranav) is using this "S197" rear Tow Loop kit on his 4th gen F-body (1993-2002 Camaro/Firebird). These were mounted using an M12-1.75 x 110mm long bolt in the lower shock mount location. We have heard of other folks making them work on other cars as well.

While these can be used on a number of cars with a 12mm rear bolt hole, we made them specifically for use on the S197 Mustang. If you want a longer bolt to mount these in the OEM Lower Control Arm rear mounting hole positions (shown above) we offer these bolts as a pair. These bolts are 10.9 grade Metric bolts of the size, strength, finish and length needed to mount the LCAs and stick the tow hooks on the inboard side of the axle bracket, as shown. If you have rear LCS "relocation brackets" (strongly recommended) you can mount these in the "axle mounting" hole or the "LCA pivot" hole. We have pictures showing both locations, above and below.


We have to order a bunch of these bolts to get a good price, and we pass on the savings to you in the option drop-down below. During installation we recommend using a drop of blue Loc-Tite and "paint marking" the bolt head, to visibly see if it has moved. Check these marks, as with any suspension bolt torque/position marking, during your pre-track inspections before every outing.