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Whiteline Front Control Arm - Inner Front Bushing Kit Double Offset - (BRZ/GR86/FR-S) KCA434

Vorshlag is an Authorized dealer for Whiteline products and we offering their parts for the GR86 chassis.

The Whiteline Anti Dive Kit is designed to add positive caster adjustment changing the nature of front anti-dive and lift. Revised anti-dive geometry minimizes deflection under braking whilst the low compliance synthetic elastomer bushings minimize dynamic caster loss and provide positive steering feedback. The result is superior traction under power and braking, improved turn-in and more consistent alignment angles during cornering.

This kit includes Whiteline bushings that replace the OEM bushings shown above. One kit services one car. Adds +0.5deg caster + anti-dive

Installation Instructions are here: KCA434


  • Two offset polyurethane bushings, two sleeves, four polyurethane spacers
  • Fits BRZ, FR-S, GT86, GR86 models 2012-2023+