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Whiteline Front Control Arm Bushings S197 Mustang


The Whiteline Anti Dive Kit provides 2 point caster adjustment changing the nature of front anti-dive and lift. Revised anti-dive geometry minimizes deflection under braking whilst the low compliance synthetic elastomer bushings minimize dynamic caster loss and provide positive steering feedback. The result is superior traction under power and braking, improved turn-in and more consistent alignment angles during cornering.

We have installed these on S197 Mustangs and the fit and finish of the Whiteline bushings is better than anything else we have worked with.

We added a grease zerk to the bushings, but we do that on every poly bushing install we do. 

Key Features

  • The advanced synthetic elastomer characteristics ensure superior elasticity, memory and outright durability for all forms of driving applications!
  • Whiteline's synthetic elastomer formulation boasts resistance to oil, grease, ozone and weathering
  • Supplied with extreme pressure molybdenum disulphide based grease (where required) for extended life
  • Designed with the installer in mind by reducing the need of specialized skills, tools and equipment
  • All Whiteline bushing kits are backed by a lifetime warranty

Installation Instructions:

  • Anti Dive Bushing Kit - Instructions are linked from Vorshlag here