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Vorshlag S550 and S197 Mustang LS V8 Swap Engine Mount Kit

Please Note: These LS swap parts are made in batches, and can sometimes take 1-2 weeks to fulfill orders. If you order here, online, your credit card is charged immediately. If you have any questions about ETAs on any parts please call us at 972-422-7170.

This cart entry is for pair of LS swap engine mounts designed and built by Vorshlag to fit the 2005-2014 "S197" and V8 and V6 2015+ "S550" Mustang chassis with a Gen III or IV GM LS series engine. We designed this around a T56 Magnum XL 6-spd transmission, but the engine mounts should work with a variety of transmission options if you choose to make your own trans crossmember. These fit in place with OEM style engine isolator mounts, as shown below. 

This set of mounts is 100% made in-house at Vorshlag using CNC cut plate steel that is fitted together, bent, and TIG welded on our production fixtures, and powder coated black. 

We built these mounts to position the LS engine to allow for multiple OEM rear sump LS oil pans to fit with the stock crossmember. We also designed these mounts to allow ample room for the larger 7 quart road race oil pan shown below. 

There is also a set of 1-7/8" stainless full length headers we offer that fit these mounts perfectly, shown here. 

You can see how all of these pieces fit together - the headers, the engine mounts, the oil pan, and our transmission crossmember. 

We support these parts together as a system, but we do sell them separately. If you choose to go another direction on headers or transmissions, well you are a bit on your own. Still, these mounts should provide good clearance for almost any application. We moved the engine as far back and as low as we felt appropriate, to keep the center of gravity of the engine as low and back as possible while providing good oil pan and ground clearance.  


  • Two engine mounts for Gen III and IV LS engines to be used in a S197 or S550 Mustang chassis
  • Fits the standard S197 and S550 V8 and V6 Mustang engine cradles (Ford #JR3Z-5C145-A)
  • Works with OEM engine isolators or stock height aftermarket mounts
  • Made from plate steel, CNC cut, bent and TIG welded on production jigs
  • Powder coated black
  • Includes "block side" mounting hardware (M10 bolts and washers)