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Vorshlag S197 3" Oval Brake Duct Backing Plates (Pair) [94-2042-LH]

Vorshlag has been setting up many different cars for track use for a very long time. Along the way we have learned a thing or two about the capabilities of OEM braking systems. For the S197 chassis we always recommend the optional 14" diameter front rotors and 4 piston Brembo calipers, but even those are not up to the task of multi-lap blasts with maximum braking on a road course, even in semi-casual HPDE form. We quickly realized that these heavy, powerful cars would need more brake cooling than the factory layout provided. The switch to a track worthy set of brake pads (G-LOC) and fluid (Motul) helps dramatically, but after a few hard laps at local road courses you can still boil the fluid and cook the front pads.

The solution is a simple and proven one - front brake cooling. With a 3" diameter hose connected to the fog light holes or other openings on the front of the car, a brake cooling hose can duct cooling air to the front rotor, caliper and hub. To attach the hose to the right spot, you need a brake duct backing plate. The OEM backing plate is there to keep water and other debris off of the rotor, but actually traps heat next to the rotor on track, which is bad.

Vorshlag has installed these brake duct backing plate kits onto dozens of Mustang GTs and Boss302s at our shop. We have also proven our brake cooling solutions at brake intensive medium speed tracks like Hallett and ECR (up to 125 mph) as well as higher speed heavy braking tracks like Miller and TWS (160+ mph). Without our brake cooling duct kit we wouldn't get 1 weekend out of a set of expensive track compound pads on this car, yet now we see 4-5+ hard weekends per set - because brake cooling WORKS.

Key Features

  • CNC Laser Cut, Stainless Steel Construction
  • Extremely tight fit to rotor face to limit air bleeding off the rotor.
  • Oval ducting hole is almost completely inside inside rotor hat resulting in more effective cooling.
  • Fits inside common 3" brake cooling hose without modification.
  • All mounting hardware included
  • Built in-house at Vorshlag
  • This product is for 2011-2014 Mustangs with the OEM Brembo brake kit installed. The kit will also fit 2007-1012 GT500's.
  • Brake cooling hose sold separately - see options
  • We also make brake INLET duct kits (2013-14 GT/Boss302 + GT500)
  • This kit will not fit cars with StopTech Big Brake Kits.


Brake Lines : Although the Brembo calipers are compatible with OEM lines, for those of you tracking your cars, we recommend that you upgrade to the Vorshlag S197 SS Braided Brake Line Kit, which includes new stainless steel brake lines for all four corners of your car. That's right - the front flex lines and the rear lines. More information on the Vorshlag S197 SS Braided Brake Line Kit can be found HERE.

Brake Ducting Hose: For duct hose we only use the best, this is not some hardware store dryer hose.  We use silicone double wall tubing that allows the best possible air flow and is super durable. This option includes 4 clamps and two 4-foot section of high quality brake duct hose that will properly fit over the Vorshlag Brake Duct Backing Plates.