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Vorshlag RTAB Pocket Reinforcement BMW E46

The BMW E46 has some problems with the factory chassis. We have been releasing products to repair and/or reinforce these issues, one by one. 

The rear subframe mounts to the tub are the biggest failure point, but we have also seen the Rear Trailing Arm Bushing cassette pull out of the tub...

There are a lot of forces that going this this RTAB location and with the wrong bushing material (polyurethane!) it can bind up and cause huge loads - which can crack the sheet metal it mounts into. We make these steel reinforcement plates 100% in-house and can almost always ship the same day you order - let us know if you are in a rush and we can make room on our CNC  plasma table. 

We have installed these for multiple chassis in the past, including our own and decided to release this as a kit. We do not have instructions - just know that it takes welding, painting, and more. This is not for the novice mechanic - you need a fabricator to do this job right. 

The two CNC cut steel pieces included in this kit can be welded in place to reinforce the floor at this 3-bolt RTAB mount in the chassis, as shown. This can be added to both E46 non-M and M3 models. 

  • Welding is required
  • Ideal for highly stressed race cars
  • Prevents future damage or use to help repair existing cracks