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Vorshlag Replacement Metric Strut Top Lock Nuts (pair)

A customer once asked us why we didn't offer the replacement zinc plated Nylock locking top nuts for sale to our camber plate customers. He had just done a Vorshlag camber plate install and his worn, old, ugly top nuts stuck out like a sore thumb sitting atop his shiny new Vorshlag plates! He couldn't find the correct locking metric nuts at his local hardware store (and you likely won't, either). Well, we listen to customer input like this and have added these to our shopping cart.

The nylon insert does wear out with repeated use and its a good idea to replace the lock nuts periodically (every few years; more often with repeated use). The finish can wear over time as well, especially if removed with an impact wrench. These new Metric lock nuts are not easy to find in a hardware store because the OEM and aftermarket tends to use "fine" thread pitch lock nuts, whereas most hardware stores tend to only stock the "Course" thread pitch nuts, if they have Metric nylon insert lock nuts in stock at all. We have to order a huge box of them from an online metric fastener supplier in the 100's to get a decent price, so save yourself the hassle and add a pair to your camber plate order for a fresh, clean, all-new camber plate install.

  M12 Lock Nuts    We stock several sizes
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Some struts from various manufacturers made for the same car often use differing thread pitches or even thread diameters. The most common BMW E36 and E46 thread is M14-1.5. The most common BMW E30 thread is M12-1.5. Many Subarus use M12-1.5 (such as AST), some others use M12-1.25. Ford Mustang's (S197) tend to use M14-2.0 lock nut. We've even seen some (cheap, Chinese) struts that use an M10 lock nut, but currently don't cover those. There are others in use as well... please check the diameter and thread pitch of your struts before ordering. A thread pitch gauge can be purchased at most hardware stores for a few dollars.

Note: If you are purchased Vorshlag camber plates that utilize a custom Vorshlag Long Reach top nut (these are shown as a +$25 option on the Spring Perch Option drop down menus) then you cannot use a standard Nylock nut with those plates/perches. If you buy these replacement Nylock nuts along with a camber plate order that includes the custom Vorshlag top nuts, you get to keep them.

Shipping weight .5 pounds. 

Please pick the thread pitch and diameter from the drop down below based on what is on your car. Each option includes a pair of the nuts shown.