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Vorshlag Rear Coilover Conversion Kit for BMW E30/E36/E46

Vorshlag Rear Coilover Conversion Kit for BMW E30/E36/E46

The BMW 3 series rear suspension utilized a "divorced" rear spring and shock; the rear spring has a beehive shape and it rests into two "pins" built into the chassis, at the top and bottom. These rear springs are both very soft and very tall, and do not have any height adjustent.

We have put together a trouble-free adjustable height rear conversion kit for the BMW E30, E36 and E46 chassis. This kit includes Vorshlag adjustable height rear spring platforms for the top, a pair of Hyperco 60mm ID springs in the correct lengths and rates for the E30/36/46 rear, and a pair of the Vorshlag 60mm rear spring alignment platforms for the bottom. We offer a wide variety of spring rates and stock all of this here at Vorshlag. You can use this with any shock and adjust the height of the rear independently. This alone would allow you to corner balance the car, even without front ride height adjustment.

The Vorshlag rear ride height adjusters are high quality products made 100% in house and have easy height adjustment without the need for a locking set-screw. These platforms adjusts from 0.75" minimum to 2" tall, for 1.25 inches of height adjustment range. The material of the platform is is red anodized aluminum.

The Vorshlag alignment platforms are delrin and are made to press-fit over the upper spring alignment stub. These allow for automatic, quiet spring re-alignment if the spring comes slightly unseated.


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SPRING RATES : All Hyperco springs are measured in inch lengths and rate is in pounds of force per inch of travel (lbs/in). To convert to metric length multiply inches x 25.4. To convert to Newtons/mm for rate you need to divide the lbs/in number by 5.7. To convert rate to Kg/cm divide the lbs/in rate by 57. If you would like to order custom rates not listed here, please give us a call.

  • When placing your order please indicated which springs you would like!
  • 60mm x 6" x 350 #/in
  • 60mm x 6" x 450 #/in
  • 60mm x 5.5" x 550 #/in
  • 60mm x 5.5" x 650 #/in
  • 60mm x 5.5" x 750 #/in