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Vorshlag E46 T56 Transmission Crossmember Kit

Please Note: These LS1 swap parts are made in batches, and can sometimes take weeks to fulfill orders. We prefer to take these orders over the phone, so we can then only charge you for parts as they ship. If you order here, online, your credit card is charged immediately. If you have any questions about ETAs on any parts please call us at 972-422-7170.

This cart entry is for the complete Vorshlag BMW E46 T56 Transmission Crossmember assembly built in-house by Vorshlag Motorsports. This crossmember is made to work on the E46 chassis to mount the Tremec T56 6-spd manual transmission behind any of the Gen II or Gen IV LSx family of V8 engines. This will also work with the aftermarket T56 Magnum 6-spd. This kit is sold outright but we strongly suggest using it with the Vorshlag BMW E46 LS1 Motor Mount Kit and our E46 LS1 swap exhaust headers as well.

We have been making this swap kit since 2012 but revised this transmission crossmember significantly in July 2019. The new design has more exhaust clearance, is lighter, and uses an improved polyurethane transmission mount bushing. The bushing, shown below, is captured internally and has better NVH isolation than our previous bolt-thru design. This is a proven bushing used in millions of applications - and across our entire line of LS swap kits since early 2019.

This shopping cart entry includes the fabricated transmission crossmember and the Polyurethane bushing, and all transmission mounting hardware (bolts & washers), except for the chassis mounting bolts (re-use the 4 OEM bolts there). This crossmember is made from alloy steel, powder coated in a high gloss black, and consists of precision cut Laser Cut flanges throughout. Everything is TIG welded using precise fit-up on our elaborate welding fixtures - for repeatability and production accuracy. Everything is made in our facility.

Again - we recommend using this Transmission Crossmember Kit with our E46 LS1 Motor Mount Kit for the ideal engine and transmission placement and driveline angles.


  • Transmission crossmember for Tremec T56 or T56 Magnum to be used in a LHD E46 chassis
  • Energy Suspensions polyurethane transmission bushing
  • Bolts and washers for mounting the transmission to the mount bushing

This crossmember fits the mounting holes in a 1998-2002 Camaro T56 or the aftermarket Tremec T56 Magnum - not any other transmission. Not an automatic, not a 5th gen Camaro TR6060, not some other random box - just the two 6 speed manual transmissions we listed.

The E46 LS1 engine mounts, headers, and steering shaft are not included in this entry. These WILL NOT FIT RHD E46 cars, nor will they fit any other V8 engine or another BMW chassis, nor other transmission options. Not an E39, or E30, or Aussie RHD cars, or Small Block Chevy V8s, or TH-350 automatics, or anything else you might dream up. Remember: these fit the LHD E46 LS1 T56 swap only.