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Vorshlag E46 LS1 Motor Mount Assembly Kit

Please Note: These LS1 swap parts are made in batches, and can sometimes take weeks to fulfill orders. We prefer to take these orders over the phone, so we can then only charge you for parts as they ship. If you order here, online, your credit card is charged immediately. If you have any questions about ETAs on any parts please call us at 972-422-7170.

This cart entry is for the complete set of motor mounts used in the Vorshlag BMW E46 LS1 engine swap kit. This entry includes the 4 separate motor mount parts, Energy Suspension polyurethane motor mount bushings with steel sleeve inserts, and all necessary mounting hardware (Metric bolts are Grade 8.8 Zinc Plated; SAE bolts are Grade 8 Zinc Plated). These alloy steel fabricated mounts are powder coated in a quality high gloss black, and made in house ehre at Vorshlag using our production fixtures. We take precision Laser Cut flanges, cut alloy steel DOM tubing using other ficxxtures, and TIG weld the assemblies together in the fixtures for a repeatable, accurate set of mounts. All construction uses precise fit-up (a slip of paper cannot fit between the unwelded joints), with our elaborate cutting templates and welding fixtures.

We strongly recommend using this set of mounts with our Vorshlag BMW E46 T56 Transmission Crossmember Kit and Header Kit for the ideal engine placement, precise driveline angles, and a properly fitting set of exhaust headers. This kit is also built around the Holley LS1 swap pan shown in these pictures, which can be made to fit any of the GenII and Gen IV LS1 engines (LS2, LS6, LS3, L33, LM7, etc). Please see the separate entry in this section for that oil pan assembly. No, you cannot make other LS1 oil pans work with these motor mounts without massive amounts of fabrication and trial-and-error fitting. Trust us, we tried ALL of the production and even some other aftermarket LSx oil pans and this was ONE design that worked.

This E46 LS1 Motor Mount Kit Includes:

  • Two engine-side mounts with proper LS1 bolt pattern
  • Two chassis-side standoffs with E46 mounting holes
  • All necessary mounting hardware (bolts, nylock nuts, etc)


Transmission crossmember, headers, and steering shaft not included. This is a 15 pound shipment, with all packing materials and box included. These bolt into the E46 chassis without modification and uses the same, proven design that has gone into over 100 Vorshlag E36 LS1 swap kits. Of course everything is made in the USA, as we make this kit at the Vorshlag facility in North Dallas.

Note: These Motor Mounts are only made for North American market Left Hand Drive E46 models with any of the LSx family of V8 engines; these WILL NOT FIT RHD E46 cars, nor will they fit any other V8 engine or another BMW chassis. Not an E39, or E30, or Aussie RHD cars, or Small Block Chevy V8s, or anything else you might ask us about. Remember: these fit the LHD E46 LS1.