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Vorshlag E36 T56 Hyd. ThrowOutBearing Kit (w/ remote bleeder)

This cart entry is for the custom Vorshlag built E36-LS1-T56 Hydraulic Slave Cylinder / Throw Out Bearing (TOB) Assembly made to work in the E36 chassis. This kit includes a brand new GM-spec TOB assembly that is then modified to accept industry standard AN fittings, stainless braided lines, a quick-connect fitting for easy drivetrain service work, and a remote bleeder. This kit makes it much less painless to bleed the clutch hydraulic system in the car (its impossible otherwise - you cannot reach the TOB-mounted bleeder on a T56 in an E36 chassis) as well as makes for a quick, dry-break disconnection of the hydraulics which can be used during drivetrain service. This set-up is optimized for the E36 and connects to the BMW clutch Master Cylinder (MC) with the correct hose lengths, fittings, and chassis soft mounts.

One mistake people make when doing engine swaps with LS1s and T56 transmissions is not replacing the old Clutch Slave TOB. There were several design upgrades over the 1998-2002 Camaro/Firebird model run that used a similar hydraulic TOB design, and the last GM version has several design improvements that make the unit work trouble- and and leak-free. Many LS1 Camaro/Firebird owners buy similar remote bleed TOB set-ups because of the problematic stock TOB and the lack of easy access to the bleeder, located inside the transmission when installed. Our unique design has a speed bleeder that is mounted externally, for fast, trouble free bleeding and in-car service. Everything is pre-assembled and ready to use.


  • New GM-spec TOB for LS1 F-body. This is sourced from General Motors, not an El CheapoZone parts house import unit based on a previous design version. The GM unit is over twice the cost for us but we do things RIGHT, not cheap. There are valid design updates only found on the later GM sourced units.
  • Nickel plated BrakeQuip AN fittings and quick-connect on BrakeQuip braided hoses, all pressure tested before delivery. This makes for a set-up the doesn't leak under adverse conditions - and it looks like it was made this way from the factory
  • Stainless braided lines are used throughout, for minimal line flexing under pressure.
  • E36 chassis mounts for the remote bleeder hose.
  • Remotely mounted speed bleeder, for easy bleeding
  • Pre-assembled and ready to use - no trips to the hardware store, no ordering bits from 4 places, no guesswork, no cutting of lines, no AN hose assembly... no hassles.
  • NOTE: This can work in the Z3 chassis but you will need to adapt the fitting at the factory clutch master cylinder, at the firewall


These units are IN STOCK and ready to ship. We reduced the price by $100 in early 2010, after we perfected the design and removed a lot of adapter fittings from the previous set-up. These hoses are cut and crimped to our specs and made for Vorshlag using real BrakeQuip parts. No compromises!