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Vorshlag E36/E46/Z3/Z4 Rear Spring Alignment Platforms (Pair)

Vorshlag Rear Spring Alignment Platforms (Pair)

These alignment platforms are made 100% in house out of very strong Delrin and are designed to work on the BMW E36 and E46 chassis with our 60mm diameter coilover springs in the rear, although they will work with 2.25" springs as well. These are used in conjunction with the Vorshlag Rear Ride Height adjusters on top of the spring, while these are located on the bottom where the stock rubber mount used to be.

At full droop (when a car is raised by a jack) on the rear suspension a 5 to 5.5" long coilover rear spring can become slightly unloaded, when sitting between the factory upper pin and our ride height adjuster. When the car is lowered from the jack the spring will re-seat over the alignment pin and make a "POING" or popping sound. With these alignment platforms the spring lines up on the cone end and never becomes fully unseated laterally. It also keeps the spring aligned better in normal street and track use.


Note: These alignment platforms might be white or black. Springs sold separately. Shipping weight 1.0 pounds.