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Vorshlag E36 ABS Pump Relocation Bracket Kit

This entry is for one of Vorshlag's factory E36 ABS hydraulic pump unit relocation bracket kits - we make one for the 3-channel and another for the 4-channel ABS units on the BMW E36 model cars. We recommend these for use with our LHD and RHD E36 chassis LS1 swaps. When installing an LS1 engine into these cars, the stock location of the ABS unit is "inside" where our Vorshlag full length headers reside. Just how it has to be. 

On the Left Hand Drive E36 (shown below) we make these brackets to move the ABS pump to the front left corner of the car, as shown in the pictures below. The end user will still need to make the new brake lines and extend the ABS wiring harness to keep the ABS system functional. We tried to sell all of that but the prices got crazy and the shipping was a royal pain. 

Note: This product entry is for the Vorshlag bracket and bracket mounting hardware - not the brake lines

The 4 channel unit is larger and needs to be mounted in the LHD chassis as shown below. This mounting is turned to allow for the additional lines and has tabs made to attach to the chassis. More pictures are shown in the linked INSTRUCTIONS page, below. 

These Vorshlag relocation brackets are made in-house from CNC plasma cut plate steel, then bent up to fit our production fixtures here at Vorshlag. We then zinc chromate plate them for corrosion resistance. The brackets have integral holes for attachment to the chassis. Most of the mounting hardware is included for the installation of the bracket and hydraulic unit, including the bolts and nuts. We no longer include new BMW sourced bushings (see reasons and part numbers below), two of the three needed bushing cups, and locking nuts to attach the ABS unit to the bracket.

We offer both a 3 channel and 4 channel bracket. The differences are year specific: 1992-1995 model E36 cars use the 3-channel, and the 1996-99 cars have a 4-channel unit. The 4 channel ABS units are easy to spot - they have 6 screw-in connections for hard lines instead of 5 (3 channel systems). In 2018 we marked each bracket with a "3" or "4" ; and these two versions are made from a different CNC cut blank, with different lengths to fit each ABS pump style and different brackets (they are made to mount in different locations). 

Since the ABS unit is being relocated, you will also need to re-make the hard lines from the brake master cylinder, make hard lines to the 3 or 4 brake channels, and the two low pressure supply lines from the reservoir. Details are shown how to route these in the linked INSTRUCTIONS forum post, below. 

NOTE: In 2022 the price shot up on the three rubber bushings (see below) that are used to fit into the three mounting "cups" - the price went up by a factor of 6! So we no longer include these bushings - just re-use the rubber bushings from the stock ABS brick, or buy them at the part number shown.

The "cups" also went way up in price, so we ask that you salvage and re-use the one "bolt on" cup, and we now supply 2 new ones. Just part of what we're having to do to hold our pricing...

If you insist on using all new bushings and cups, have at it - the parts numbers are above. We still include two cups and 3 locking nuts, so you would need to buy 1 additional cup and 3 rubber bushings if you do not have the OEM pieces. 

There is a lot more information at the link in the gallery linked below.