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Vorshlag E30 Competition Steering Shaft Assembly

This cart entry is for Vorshlag's BMW E30 Competition Steering Shaft Assembly. Assembly includes custom spline ChromeMoly Steel low profile needle bearing U-joints at both ends and a 2-piece collapsible double-D shaped intermediate shaft.

The OEM shaft uses multiple large rubber "rag joints" that can cause dull the steering feel for track duty BMWs. This is a bolt-on steering shaft assembly for power steering racks only to replace the larger diameter aluminum steering shaft. This shaft will not work on an E30 M3 or an E30 with a manual steering rack. Our shaft is made for off-road use only.

This steering shaft can be used on E30's (non-M) with E30 power steering racks or with E36 power steering racks. Please select the correct application from the drop down option box below. We build the steering shaft a different length for the E30 steering rack versus the E36 steering rack.

ALWAYS verify the spline count on your car's shaft ends before ordering. This replacement steering shaft uses our unique 17mm diameter / 54 spline U-joints on both ends. We have run into one non-North American market BMW customer with a manual rack in an E30 that had a 10-spline U-joint on one end. We do not make that U-joint, only this (much more common) 54 spline unit.


Installation Instructions
If your Vorshlag steering shaft assembly did not come pre-drilled for set screw retention (as shown below) please follow these steps to ensure safe installation and proper use. Failure to follow the instructions below could result in the U-joint securing set screws backing out and possibly U-joints becoming unsecured. Red Loc-Tite should be used on the set screws along with the jam-nuts to secure the U-joints. Once installed this should be a trouble free part - but it is always good to check critical fasteners before each racing event.


Starting in October 2011, all complete steering shaft assemblies have this set screw retention process above performed here at Vorshlag, before they are shipped. Customers still need to tighten the locking jam nuts and apply red Loc-Tite to the the set screws after installation, to keep them secure, but you will no longer need to drill the indentions yourself. Vorshlag is not liable for improper installation or care.