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Vorshlag-Bilstein StreetPro Monotube Suspension Kit (S197 Mustang)

The Bilstein parts occasionally go out of stock, and come back. If you are worried about delivery times, please call us.


We at Vorshlag will be the first ones to tell you that the S197 Mustang's OEM dampers and springs are all sorts of wrong for performance driving. The suspension designers at Ford had to make this high volume chassis with too many compromises and couldn't make the Mustang GT or Boss302 a low-slung corner carving demon with high-end monotube dampers or adjustable camber. With typical Mustang buyers ranging from 16 year old kids to elderly grandmothers and everyone in between, they have to cater to a wide array of ride quality requirements - so to cover their bases they went SOFT on the spring and damping rates. Since this car is sold all over North America, the ride height on this chassis is TALL to accommodate every possible weather condition, even deep snow drifts. They also have to keep the price of the dampers and top mounts low, to keep the car affordable - to appeal to the most buyers. So you end up with a very compromised suspension from Ford.

If you take your bone stock Mustang to a road course and run an open track day you will quickly notice the chassis flopping around under hard cornering, with more body roll than you thought possible in a modern sports coupe. By day's end the front tires will have shredded their outer shoulders, due to the low static camber settings, body roll, and massive deflection in the rubber upper strut mounts. The Brembo brakes work GREAT, but you will notice massive front end dive when you push the brake pedal, and lots of rear end squat when you mash the throttle. The factory suspension is the culprit - even the Tokico "adjustable" shocks on some Boss302s ends up handling like a Big Hot Mess. We have driven bone stock S197 Mustang GTs and Boss302s on track and it is the "opposite of fast".

Top: Soft and tall OEM suspension = excessive body roll and tire wear. Bottom: Flatter cornering with a lower CG, better dampers, and more front negative camber. All pictures 2012 Vorshlag.

A good percentage of S197 Mustang buyers are looking for a lower ride height and firmer spring rates and better damping. If you are reading this, you might be one of those folks. Maybe you want to compete in some autocrosses or HPDE track events? Or you have a favorite canyon road you want to attack without the marshmallow Mustang suspension letting the car flop around? In order to handle well for performance driving, you need to lower the center of gravity (cg), use better dampers (monotubes vs twin tubes), and add negative camber up front (adjustable camber plates). If this sounds like what you need, Vorshlag has the answer.

The Vorshlag-Bilstein StreetPro kit is made up of several companies' best components, coming together into a ready-to-install suspension system, tailor made for a multipurpose S197 Mustang. The shortened Bilstein inverted monotube struts and rear shocks are paired with a matched set of lowering springs, assembled inside Vorshlag spherical adjustable camber/caster plates up front. One unique feature is that this system comes pre-assembled by Vorshlag and does not require a spring compressor to install. We start with the Bilstein monotube dampers and Vorshlag camber plates then add the lowering springs you want, put it all together properly, and send it to you for an easy installation.

We assemble the struts here so you do not need a spring compressor

Key Features

  • Monotube front struts that utilize 36mm dia. pistons and 40mm inverted shafts that maximize deflection resistance under hard cornering loads
  • Front struts are 1.25" shorter than the OEM length, for more bump travel at the lower ride height (from the matched lowering springs)
  • Monotube rear shocks with 12mm shafts that utilize new OEM-style rear upper shock mounts
  • Nitrogen charged for exceptional fluid foaming resistance on track
  • Valved for a comfortable street ride with the matched lowering springs, with improved track performance, lower cg, and fully adjustable front alignment specs (with camber plates).
  • No hassles of valving adjustment on the dampers
  • Several choices for lowering springs are available, pre-installed to the struts by Vorshlag (see OPTIONS, below)
  • This system fits all 2005-2014 Mustang V6, Mustang GT and Mustang Boss302 models.
  • Great price for a complete damper/spring/camber plate suspension kit
  • Front struts are 1.86 lbs lighter than OEM struts (each)


Parts Included:

  • 2 Front Bilstein inverted monotube struts, 36mm pistons with a 40mm inverted shaft
  • 2 Rear Bilstein monotube shocks, 36mm pistons
  • Your choice of several lowering springs
  • Vorshlag spherical, adjustable camber/caster plates
  • New upper rear shock mounts and hardware from Bilstein

CAMBER PLATES : The included spherical strut top mounts are the legendary Vorshlag adjustable camber-caster plates made for the S197 chassis. These include the proper Vorshlag upper spring perch to fit with the included lowering springs and are pre-assembled onto the front struts with the springs in place. With the Vorshlag plates, you can quickly adjust front camber track side with a jack and hand tools. Caster can be adjusted while the car is being aligned, in three different positions (stock setting and two additional positive caster settings). Our plates are built using over-sized 19mm ID spherical bearings, designed to withstand the rigors of street and track abuse. All components are powder coated, plated or anodized for maximum corrosion resistance and long life. Please see the Vorshlag S197 camber plate product entry on this website for more information about the Vorshlag camber plates and perches. This StreetPro kit comes with the proper selection of components to allow the Vorshlag camber plates to fit the strut and spring perfectly - and it's even pre-installed to the strut. It doesn't get any easier than this.


Click the thumbnails to enlarge. All pictures 2012 Vorshlag.

Ride heights with the StreetPro kit and springs are lowered up front and rear for a level stance that dramatically improves the look of any S197. This set-up is popular because it offers good ground clearance and a favorable ride. The lowering spring kits shown below can offer even more aggressive ride heights and spring rates.
Above pictures show the stock "before" ride height (left) and lowered "after" stance (right) with the KA springs. The animation below shows the same thing (click it for a larger GIF).

Before/After Ride Quality Test Video

Click the video below to watch an in-car test drive of a stock 2012 Mustang GT (with Brembo brakes) driven on our "Test Loop" around Vorshlag, over some bumpy roads, heaved pavement and railroad crossings. Then the same car is driven around the same loop on the StreetPro setup of Bilstein monotube dampers, lowering springs and Vorshlag camber plates.


Choose the appropriate options from the drop down menus below.

LOWERING SPRINGS : We offer this kit with a variety of lowering springs shown in the drop-down menu below. These include springs from Whiteline, Eibach and Ford Racing. Vorshlag has tested and rated the spring rates on each of these in house. They all offer similar ride heights and ride quality, but slightly different handling characteristics with slight changes in spring rate. Which ever spring you choose we will pre-install onto the struts, along with the included Vorshlag camber plates.

Ford Racing "P" Springs - 1" Front / 1" Rear
Ford Racing "K" Springs - 1.5" Front / 1.5" Rear