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Vorshlag Linear Spring Conversion kit for BMW E36/E46 Bilstein PSS9/10

Vorshlag Linear Spring Conversion for BMW E36 and E46 with Bilstein PSS9/10

NOTE: This kit does not include Bilstein dampers. It is an add-on kit for Bilsteins consisting of new springs, camber plates and rear spring locating cones.

Many of our customers have asked us to help tweak their Bilstein street suspension to bump up the spring rates for better autocross or track performance. The PSS9 and PSS10 sold for the E36 and E46 models are undersprung as they come from Bilstein, and can be converted to a stiffer linear spring with just a few parts.

Many of the E36 and E46 PSS9/10 kits came with beehive and barrel shaped springs that mate to the OEM top mount without an adapter. That makes it difficult to swap to a smaller diameter racing spring. Typical Bilstein springs are shown below.

By using our modular camber plates with 60mm upper perches, and a set of rear locating cones, we can easily adapt 60mm linear springs to these Bilsteins.

The kit reuses your Bilstein dampers, front lower spring perches, and the rear ride height adjusters. Our kit consists of Hyperco 450 lb/in springs for the front and a special length Eibach 514 lb/in springs for the rear, our Vorshlag camber plates specific for each model, and a pair of locating cones that help the rear springs find their seat when the car is lowered off a jack. The springs we use can lower the car slightly, but leave enough height adjustment to retain the standard Bilstein ride height if desired.


The Vorshlag alignment platforms are Delrin machined here at Vorshlag (now black) and are made to press-fit over the lower or upper spring alignment stub. If you install these onto the the lower stamped steel piece on the control arm (see above), that ring can often be banged up, just make sure it is "round" and straighten it up if its bent. Or put them on the upper spring nub. These allow for automatic, quiet spring re-alignment if the spring comes slightly unseated when up on a lift or a floor jack.


SPRING RATES : We only offer one set of spring rates with the kit, but can tailor it for a softer or taller setup if desired. If you would like to order custom rates not listed here, please give us a call.

CAR MODEL : What is different is the car and strut model. The camber plates change depending on the chassis you have

  • E36 non-M and M3 with 12mm upper threads
  • E36 non-M and M3 with 14mm upper threads
  • E46 non-M
  • E46 M3

If you are unsure what thread your E36 Bilsteins have, the safest way to check is to measure the threaded section with a caliper. But measuring the nut provides a good guideline.