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Vorshlag 4" Brake Inlet Cooling Kit for 2018-20 Mustang GT


Vorshlag has done a lot of development S550 Mustang world, but like many we've pushed the limits of what the OEM brakes on these cars can handle. Making a brake cooling package for our shop 2018 GT was one of the first "must do" projects we tackled, but the lower grill for the 2018-19 GT was unique.

To counter this brake heat issue we've developed a kit to upgrade the front brakes to the 14" Brembo bits, and the rear rotors to 14" (from 11.5") as well as upgraded brake cooling and brake line options. This Vorshlag Front Brake Inlet Cooling Kit for the 2013-14 GT is another piece of the brake cooling puzzle, and we're happy to introduce this. The video below explains where these go and how they work.

These Vorshlag 3" front inlet ducts are attached in the lower grill opening of the 2013-14 GT/Boss to allow air to come in and then can be forced into 3" hoses to front brake cooling backing plates. This kit is unobtrusive and allows the use of the OEM fog


  • Custom design to fit the unique shape of the 2018+ Mustang GT lower grill
  • Allows for easy, discrete, and highly effective placement of brake cooling inlet ducts for use with our 4" S550 Brake Backing Plate cooling kit or our S550 Brake Deflector cooling kits
  • Built with CNC cut components and TIG welded on Vorshlag production fixtures, all fabricated in-house here at Vorshlag
  • Some cutting require in the black, plastic, replaceable lower grills

Note: The brake cooling backing plates or deflectors are sold separately (see the items listed in this same "S550 Brake" section of our catalog). Also, this entry only fits the 2018+ Mustang GT and lower grill only. Call us for more details.


As you can see on our 2018 GT below, the lower plastic grill has large areas that are "blanked off". 

What we do is remove the lower grill, use the inlet ducts as a template, and mark the 3 mounting holes and the oval opening. 

We often have the front nose off for other reasons and we are just illustrating that here. 

The lower grill clips into the front bumper cover, as shown above. 

With the the oval and 3 mounting holes cut, mount the Vorshlag inlet ducts to the backside of the plastic grill insert, then reinstall that in the bumper cover. We have a PDF of the template to show exactly where to drill, if you need it. This can be used to mount 4" hoses to feed air cooling air to backing plates or deflectors.