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Vorshlag 3" Brake Inlet Cooling Kit for 2005-09 Mustang GT


Vorshlag is well known in the S197 Mustang world, due to our development background and racing exploits. We've pushed the limits of what was thought possible on many aspects of this chassis - such as wheel fitments, damper design, camber plate engineering - and helped introduce new brands to this market.

One of the areas where we've found deficiencies in the OEM parts, as well as some of the aftermarket solutions, was the braking system. The S197 is a powerful and heavy car, and with 3600 pounds and a 420+ hp V8 it really pushes the limits of even the optional 14" (355mm) Brembo 4 piston brakes. Track day braking is even harder, and there's just too much heat in the rotors to shed efficiently.


To counter this brake heat issue we've developed this Front Brake Inlet Cooling Kit for the 2005-10 GT.

These Vorshlag 3" front inlet ducts are attached in the lower grill opening of the 2005-10 GT to allow air to come in and then can be forced into 3" hoses to front brake cooling backing plates. This Inlet Duct kit is unobtrusive and retains the stock grill insert. 


  • Custom design to fit the unique shape of the 2005-10 Mustang GT lower grill
  • Allows for easy, discrete, and highly effective placement of brake cooling inlet ducts for use with our Brake Cooling Backing Plate kit at the rotor/hub
  • Built with CNC cut components and TIG welded on Vorshlag production fixtures, all fabricated in-house here at Vorshlag
  • Some assembly required
  • This product might switch from black powder coated steel to an uncoated aluminum version at a later date. We will update the product pics at that time. 

Note: The brake cooling backing plates and hoses are sold separately (see the items listed in this same section of our catalog). Also, this entry only fits the 2005-10 Mustang GT. Call us for more details.