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Sparco Universal Slider Kit


The Sparco track set also known as seat sliders are recommended for any seat application. The seat track set allows you to adjust the seat position. The seat tracks employ a double locking mechanism with continuous left to right handle for increased safety and stability.  

Key Features

  • Steel construction,
  • Double locking mechanism,
  • Bottom Mount Dimensions 10.67 x 13.58 inches.
  • Always requires customized mounting for your chassis and side-mount seat
  • Weighs 4lbs 14oz
  • Total sliding range is 12.25"


Don't buy this Sparco slider kit thinking you can quickly make your racing seat slide fore-aft. This is not a "bolt in" solution but rather one piece in a list of parts needed to make an adjustable racing seat setup for a car. Prepare to do some fabrication.

There is a Sparco slider on top of a custom "chassis side" seat bracket we made for an E46 BMW, above. This setup also required customized side brackets (which bolt to the racing seat) as well as the seat itself. The slider is just one piece of this puzzle.

With some patience, careful measuring, and fabrication skill you can make an adjustable racing seat setup using this slider. You can read more about how this all works in this forum post.