Schroth Clubman 3


Schroth has released their newest belt with one aim: Providing a superior harness for people needing a lower cost belt. By using lower cost (stamped steel) adjusters, and only providing one configuration, they were able to bring the cost down. This is the Clubman 3, a 6-point Shroth racing harness with the same high end webbing and center "cam lock" latch" as their higher cost units. At this price point it is even competitive against lower end harnesses from competitors that specialize in circle track and drag race, yet the Clubman is still an FIA approved, modern road racing 6-point harness system.

What is the difference between this and the next level up "Profi" Schroth belts?

Adusters and Options. The adjusters in the Clubman belt are heavier, stamped and chromed steel adjusters that are common on competing harness systems. They are not as easy to use or ptetty to look at as the CNC machined aluminum adjusters on the higher end Schroth lines and they add a little weight to the overall harness. They are, however, less costly to make this way and this brings down the overall cost of the Schroth Clubman harness. As far as options, Schroth only offers the Clubman in a few configurations. This streamlines the ordering, shipping and stocking process and the savings end up with you.

Why would you want this belt?

There are a couple reasons you might want this Clubman series harness. Mainly cost. Drag racers, circle track racers, and many other racing bodies must have SFI 16.1 approved harnesses. While our other restraints are SFI Approved, this ruleset requires that the restraints be replaced every two years. Replacing a $350-450+ harness every two years gets pricey.

To that end, we were determined to come up with a solution to the problem. Here is a belt that meets all the same stringent specifications that our other belts do (In addition to SFI 16.1, this belt also meets FIA approvals). Yet Schroth cut costs to price it less than many competitor's belts.

Why wouldn't I want this belt

If you need a specific configuration not offered below, then the Schroth Clubman is not the belt for you. If you want the safer and easier to use 2" Lap belt, the HANS Specific 2"/3" Shoulder Belts, or the standard Schroth lightweight aluminum adjusters, then please look at the other Schroth options avilable from Vorshlag. The Profi and Enduro series belts are amazing to use, but they have the prices to match.

Key Features

  • 3" Webbing
  • Pull-up or pull-down lap belt adjustment
  • Bolt-in mounting hardware on lap belts
  • Sub belts will have the same mounting hardware as lap belts
  • Wrap around shoulder belts
  • SFI 16.1 and FIA approved
  • HANS device compatible
Vorshlag tries to stock the model shown above, which has clip-in lower mounts for the lap belts and a roll bar/harness bar mount for the shoulder straps. If you need another variation, please call or email us at sales@vorshlag.
Note: We try to always keep these popular Schroth Clubman harnsess in stock at Vorshlag but the supply from Schroth in Germany is very "hit or miss" on this model. We order them in batches and sometimes we get them quickly, but sometimes it takes 2+ months to get our order. If your delivery time is critical PLEASE CALL US at our number shown at the top of our this web page. We can check avilability (here and elsewhere in the USA) and make sure we can get you what you need to meet your deadlines before you order. Thanks!