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Safecraft Halotron 3 lb fire extinguishers bottle, PB3


Safecraft’s Model PB3 portable units are designed to mount on roll bars or be flat-mounted in various motorsport vehicles. The optional quick-release bracket is custom-designed to offer versatility of placement and ease of use. Just FLIP the lever, GRAB and GO. Parts for the PB3 are crafted from machined billet aluminum. Unlike other extinguishers on the market, the PB3 removable extinguishers effectively suppresses vehicle fires using a non-compacting liquid extinguishing agent (Halotron™ I CLEAN AGENT).

Vorshlag recommends a portable Safecraft fire bottle mounted on a quick release mount as a minimum fire safety standard for any car that is used on a road course. While not a substitute for a full multi-nozzle, fixed mounted fire suppression system, a handheld like this can be used for small automotive or grass fires that can occur in certain circumstances. 

The billet construction of the entire top portion of this unit is impressive! The handle,  nozzle, release pin, and trigger are all beautifully machined. 


  • Agent Qty: 3 lb
  • Cylinder Type: Aluminum
  • Overall Length: 15.7"
  • Cylinder Diameter: 3.25"
  • Nominal Weight:* 4.8 lb
  • Shipping: UPS Ground only
  • We do not stock this item at Vorshlag. Often takes 1-2 weeks to ship from manufacturer

Note: This product is labeled "3 pound" which is the amount of fire suppressant inside the bottle. The entire extinguisher full of the Halotron agent weighs 4.8 pounds. THIS ITEM CAN ONLY BE SHIPPED VIA UPS GROUND IN THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES.