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S550 Mustang Firewall Block Off Plate Kit - Aluminum

Have you started a "full race car" build on a 2015-up "S550" chassis Mustang? If you are removing the factory wiring, heater box, insulation and interior you probably have big gaping holes in the firewall. You need to separate the cabin from the hot and firey bits in the engine bay. Our 4-piece aluminum Firewall Block Off Plate Kit can help make your life easier and your race car safer.

Constructed from .080" thick aluminum, these 4 panels cover the 4 main HVAC or wiring pass thrus for the S550 Mustang firewall. Install with 1/8" rivits and fire proof sealant and you are good to go for various racing regulations. 

These are made in-house by Vorshlag and require drilling and rivets to install. Total weight of all four panels is less than 1 pound (0.76 lbs, as shown). 


Installation is pretty straight forward. With the dash and heater box out of the way the 4 openings that this covers become pretty clear. 

Line up the appropriate panel so that the edges overlap the opening. Drill an 1/8" diameter hole on opposite sides of the panel and install some Cleco fasteners to temporarily hold the panel in place, as shown below.

Once the pane is located with the Clecos you can drill the remaining holes around the perimeter. The three smallest panels should be riveted from the inside with 1/8" pop rivets. 

This final panel shown above, the more rectangular shaped one at the right side of the firewall, works best if you rivet that from the engine side.