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Powerflex BMW E8X / E9X (06 - 13) Rear Upper Shock Mount


Rear shock mounts are tasked with securing shocks while allowing for a small amount of pivoting during suspension travel. They also need to absorb noise, vibration and harshness that could be transmitted through the chassis. Factory rubber bushings are a compromise between a cushy ride and responsive handling.

The E9x/E8x generaiton BMWs use a "pin" upper shock mount with a single hole in the chassis. This means we cannot utilize one of our "bolt in" spherical shock mounts without drilling holes.

For this BMW rear shock application we recommend ditching the rubber shock mounts and gong with one of the two durometer Powerflex bushings. Powerflex polyurethane rear shock mounts are firmer than OEM bushings, resulting in a more responsive rear damper - with minimal sacrifice to ride quality.

Powerflex is the number one selling suspension bushing manufacturer in Europe. Their experience with polyurethane bushing material and state-of-the art manufacturing techniques allows them to produce premium performance bushings, made to exact-fit standards. Powerflex performance polyurethane bushings are built to last longer than OEM rubber bushings, while improving performance and allowing for a more engaging driving experience.

Use of Powerflex Copper Grease PCG1 is recommended for ease of installation. Periodic reapplication is recommended to extend squeak-free service life of bushings.

Powerflex street bushings are ideal for street driven vehicles and those that see occasional autocross or track time. For a dedicated track car the Powerflex Race (Black Series) feature 95A durometer polyurethane, 25% stiffer than the yellow Street bushings.

Powerflex is proud to offer a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser on all products.