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Motul 8100 X-CESS Engine Oil 5W40 - 1 Liter

100% synthetic engine oil designed for modern cars with high power to liter ratio's, with gasoline or diesel engines, turbocharged, direct injection, and with catalytic converter. Will improve power and responsiveness. Reinforced anti-wear protection for a longer life of engine parts. Multi-Viscosity 5W40 from Motul's 8100 lubricant line-up.


  • Multipurpose product featuring numerous car maker approvals, especially recommended for vehicles still under warranty
  • 100% synthetic engine oil
  • Suitable for all types of gasoline or diesel engines
  • High HTHS and very low volatility
  • Reinforced protection against wear
  • Decreases oil consumption
  • Excellent heat stability
  • Anti-corrosion, anti-foam
  • Compatible for use with catalytic converters
  • Standards: ACEA A3/B4, API SN/CF

OEM Approvals

  • OPEL GM LL-B-025
  • MB-Approval 229.5
  • BMW LL-01
  • VW 502 00 / 505 00
  • FIAT 9.55535-H2 ; FIAT 9.55535-M2 ; FIAT 9.55535-N2 ; FIAT 9.55535-Z2
  • PSA B71 2296

Typical Properties

  • Viscosity grade: 5W-40
  • Density at 20°C (68°F): 0.850
  • Viscosity at 40°C (104°F): 86.2 mm²/s
  • Viscosity at 100°C (212°F): 14.2 mm²/s
  • HTHS viscosity at 150°C (302°F): 3.73 mPa.s
  • Viscosity index: 170
  • Pour point: -36°C / -32.8°F
  • Flash point: 230°C / 446°F


NOTE: This product can only be shipped via Ground shipping methods due to it's chemical nature. If you order it with faster shipping, it will ship Ground.