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Mishimoto C7 Corvette Aluminum Radiator, 2014-19, Stingray and Z06


The Mishimoto performance aluminum radiator for the C7 Corvette is an all-aluminum replacement for the OEM plastic/aluminum units. The fully welded design adds real cooling capacity to the LT1 and LT4 powered C7 - with both an increase in volume (+119% over Stingray and +38% over Z06) and fin area (+135% and +8%). Bottom line: this Mishimoto unit has a BIGGER core and holds more fluid than the small OEM unit. The Mishimoto unit has fabricated and welded aluminum end tanks and a much thicker aluminum core, unlike the OEM unit which has plastic end tanks glued to a skinny little core.

No matter if your Corvette is a daily driver, autocross monster, or track rat, do not overlook the importance of installing an upgraded radiator. The stock radiators are multi-piece plastic/aluminum units with tiny little cores but the Mishimoto is just bigger and better in every way!

The Mishimoto C7 radiator features a lightweight twin core, 100% brazed aluminum, and polished end tanks. Every Mishimoto Performance Radiator is a direct OEM fit, making installation effortless, no cutting or modification is required.

Vorshlag has installed Mishimoto aluminum radiators on countless cars - Miatas, BMWs, Mustangs, Subarus, and more. Unbeatable prices, the craftsmanship is excellent, and these radiators always add cooling capacity without any drama.

Key Features

  • Direct fit for the 2014-19 "C7" chassis Corvettes Stingray and Z06 with manual or automatic transaxles
  • Full aluminum construction including durable, TIG-welded end tanks
  • Features a two-row, 2.05" thick, efficient brazed aluminum core
  • Increased fluid capacity and optimal heat dissipation
  • Ideal replacement for the failure-prone (plastic end tanks!) stock radiator
  • Perfect for use on the street, autocross, or road course
  • Includes Magnetic M12-1.5 Drain Plug to capture any metallic debris/fragments in your cooling system
  • 21.7" x 17.3" x 2" sized core
  • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty