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MCS RR2 Remote Double Adjustable Monotube Dampers (MINI R53)

All MCS damper kits are built to order so expect an estimated 2-4 week build time after you order. If you chose to order online, you will be billed immediately. If you would like to call in the order (we prefer that) we process a deposit for the shocks up front, with the rest billed when they are complete.


Vorshlag Motorsports is an authorized Motion Control Suspension dealer. The MCS RR2 Remote Reservoir double adjustable damper is the perfect solution for top level HPDE drivers, Road Racers, and Autocrossers. This damper set features a full 18 settings of rebound control and a full 15 settings of compression control, both over a wide range and valved unique to each vehicle model's specific requirements. Dampers are more than just a number of adjustments and click count though – the shape of the resulting curves is specifically engineered to give your car the most grip through the range of surface conditions and dynamic inputs your vehicle experiences in a competition environment.

All the MCS dampers are built in the USA. They are fully rebuildable, serviceable and can be custom valved and upgraded any time here in the USA.

Key Features

  • Adjustment range of 18 different settings for rebound control (at knob on top of shock/strut)
  • Adjustment range of 15 different settings for compression control (at knob on remote reservoirs)
  • Monotube design front and rear
  • Nitrogen pressure is adjustable if required
  • Includes standard spring hardware (springs and camber plates are available as options)

Parts Included:

  • 2 Front MCS Remote Double Adjustable (18 adj, Rebound, 15 adj. Compression) Monotube Struts
  • 2 Rear MCS Remote Double Adjustable (18 adj, Rebound, 15 adj. Compression) Monotube Shocks
  • MCS Front and Rear Spring Perches for 2.25" springs and your OEM upper strut mounts (front removed when bought with camber plates)
  • Unique to Vorshlag: We include the 1.5mm Allen wrench used to tighten the rebound knobs onto the adjustment shaft. 
  • See optional Spring Packages and Camber Plates, below

Choose the appropriate options and model alterations from the drop down menus below. These options will affect the final price as shown for each option. All optional packages and parts include significant discounts when purchased with shocks rather than buying the parts separately.

CAMBER PLATES: We highly recommend Vorshlag camber plates be used with MCS damper kits. You can easily adjust camber track side with Vorshlag camber plates. Over-sized spherical bearings are designed to withstand the rigors of street and track abuse. All components are plated for maximum corrosion resistance and long life. Please see the product entries on this website for more information about the Vorshlag camber plates and spring perches. Ordering this option includes the associated Vorshlag upper spring perches made to work with these plates, 2.25" springs and MCS struts. 

SPRING PACKAGES : While MCS provides you with the dampers only, Vorshlag offers the unique option for racers to pick their own front and rear spring rates at a reduced cost. These options will include new Hyperco or Eibach springs from our recommended packages. The spring options listed include our GT package for daily driven cars, the GTS package for street cars that are also used in autocross and/or track events and the GTR package for race cars that predominantly see track use. If you would like to order custom rates not listed here, please give us a call. This can be arranged for typically no extra cost.

  • 2 Front 2.25" Coilover Springs
  • 2 Rear 2.25" Coilover Springs
  • Vorshlag's GT Package is 350 #/in Front & 350 #/in Rear
  • Vorshlag's GTS Package is 450 #/in Front & 450 #/in Rear
  • Vorshlag's GTR package is 400 #/in Front & 550 #/in Rear
  • If you would like to order custom rates not listed here, please give us a call. There is no additional charge for different spring rates.

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SIGNATURE DELIVERY : Orders over $2400 require signature delivery. Please plan on that when ordering.