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MCS Custom Monotube Strut and Damper Sets

The price is a placeholder! Do not purchase these online. Call us to custom configure these and for -accurate- pricing.


Vorshlag Motorsports is an authorized Motion Control Suspension dealer. MCS offer their dampers AND struts in a variety of custom configurations. These can be specified for custom lengths, a wide range of mounting options, with or without springs, and for single adjustable, double adjustable non-remotes, double adjustable with remotes, triple and four-way adjustable. Remotes can be made with any length hose and a Staubli disconnect can be added when required.

All the MCS dampers are built in the USA. They are fully rebuildable, serviceable and can be custom valved and upgraded any time here in the USA.

Strut Body Options
  • Custom length bodies and shafts with standard spindle mounts
  • Custom sleeves to adapt existing strut tubes to different pinch-style spindles
  • Options for hose exit or nitrogen charging port, side or bottom exit
  • Can be built into most integrated spindles like the Porsche 911, BMW E30/2002, or Datsun 240Z

Unitized BMW E30 spindles built into monotube struts

Spring Hardware Options

  • Threaded spring perches in 2.25", 2.5" and 60mm
  • Lock rings for threaded spring perches
  • Upper camber plates and top mounts featuring spring perches with integrated bearings available in 2.25", 2.5", 60mm, 65mm, and 70mm
  • Dual spring adapters for use with stacked springs, tenders or helpers
  • Vorshlag Spanner Wrenches

MCS adapter sleeves for large bore spindles

Custom BMW strut with Vorshlag spanner wrench

Spring Options : We can pair the MCS dampers with springs from Hyperco, Swift or Eibach. Between these suppliers we can cover just about any length, rate and diameter needed. We can also provide tender or helper springs as needed.