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Jongbloed 3-piece Racing Wheels Narrow Body C6 Corvette (used)

Vorshlag has this set of four custom ordered Jongbloed 3-piece Racing Wheels (18x11" front and 18x12" rear) for sale. These have polished outer barrel and red powder coated "X6" centers. 

Wheel Specs:

  • 2 qty Jongbloed Racing Wheels X6 3PC for C6 Corvette Base Fitment Rear. 18x11" ET80, 5x4.75 Bolt Pattern, C6 hub bore
  • 2 qty Jongbloed Racing Wheels X6 3PC for C6 Corvette Base Fitment Rear. 18x12" ET86, 5x4.75 Bolt Pattern, C6 hub bore

This set was specifically ordered for the 2006-13 Corvette C6 "narrow body", and are a "max fitment" and fit with 315mm tires under the stock fenders - you will not find a wider wheel setup for the narrow body C6. Likewise, if you have a widebody C6 (Grand Sport, Z06, or ZR1) this is not the set for you. 

We measured for and custom ordered these in 2021 for our 2006 Corvette. These arrived in April 2021 and we mounted them with a set of 315/30R18 Yokohama A052 tires. These offsets will not work on anything else but a narrow body C6. We ran these with both the Z51 and Z06 brakes, but the wider 6 piston / 4 piston Z06 brakes required a small spacer at both ends). 

We used these at exactly 10 Time Trial events plus one autocross. The last event was November 2022, and after that Time Trial we removed these wheels before we sold the car. The tires were worn enough that we removed them, so we have the wheels boxed up and ready to ship in good Apex Wheels boxes. 

These wheels were removed, cleaned, and inspected after each event. We had zero issues with these wheels, and the driver never touched any curbing or had an "off" - they are in "like new condition". This is going to be the cleanest set of used wheels you will ever see. 

Right now if you ordered these X6 3-piece wheels from Jongbloed you would wait 6 weeks and pay $4200 shipped. We are selling them for the price shown, and you can pick the shipping option - or call us! If you are local to Dallas and want to pick these up, we always love to NOT ship wheels. Thanks!

Update: To work with the much larger C6 Z06 brakes we ran a 1/2" spacer up front (shown above) and 1/4" spacer in the back. With the Z51 brakes we needed a 1/4" spacer up front and no spacer in the rear.