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E30/36/46/82/92 Polyurethane Competition Transmission Mounts, 95A Durometer, Set

Install tip for our polyurethane mounts: Install the mounts and lower the drivetrain back in place. Tighten the nut on the "bolt-thru" stud lightly, until it touches the main plate. Keep tightening until the bushing starts to bulge, then back it off 1/2 turn. That's it. Tightening more will only squeeze the bushing more, which makes it firmer and then makes for unnecessary vibration.


Vorshlag E30/E36/Z3/E46/Z4/E82/E9x (non-M only) Competition Polyurethane Transmission mounts are available now in two durometers (fits all manual transmissions except E30 M3/S14 and E9X M3). These transmission mounts, in addition to our competition motor mounts, will dramatically improve the throttle responsiveness and shift feel of your BMW. Racers have noticed immediate throttle response and considerable improvements in shifting mid-corner on the track. Unlike other "cast" designs or "modified" OEM bushings, our bolt-through transmission mount eliminates the potential for delamination failure.

The harder durometer version (95A Red) are made to mate with our Nylon motor mounts, and they will increase engine vibrations slightly at idle engine speeds, but this trade-off is worth it on BMW race cars. The more streetable version (80A Orange) are matched to our Polyurethane Motor mounts and should be used on cars that see dual duty track & street use. Note: an aftermarket 1-piece lightweight flywheel will amplify any engine vibrations at all RPMs.

Why upgrade to Vorshlag Competition Transmission Mounts?

  • Correct shifter geometry for every shift
  • Easy shifting in mid-turn, no drivetrain slop
  • Up- or downshift while loaded and under power!
  • Direct feel under braking and acceleration
  • Instant throttle and engine torque response!
  • Reduces "Money Shift" potential when used with competition motor mounts

The BMW E36/E46 models have a body mounted shifter, a rubber isolated shift handle, a high Center of Mass engine, and sloppy stock motor mounts and transmission bushings. This allows the driveline to flop and slop around like a bucking bull, on a hard driven car with track duty tires. Load the chassis & motor up into a corner and good luck finding the next gear, especially on downshifts. Vorshlag competition drivetrain mounts cure what ails these BMW luxury minded drivetrain mounts! These will keep the drivetrain planted with the chassis, and that "wind-up" driveline will be no more. Do yourself a favor - lock down that driveline and enjoy smoother, more positive shifting on the street and track.

    Vorshlag Competition Transmission mounts include new fasteners and are a bolt-in replacement

Specifics on this transmission mount design:

  • CNC aluminum end plates, clear anodized finish
  • Red polyurethane material with Shore 95 A durometer (harder than the 80 A)
  • 10.9 hardened, metric studs for transmission and frame attachment with nylock insert locking nuts
  • Class legal for SpecE36, SCCA Street Prepared and Street Touring (metal content not increased)
  • These mounts will accommodate the OEM anti-rotation "locking tang" on the transmission crossmember
  • These will NOT fit any xi models.
  • These will NOT fit the E30 M3 (S14) or the E9x M3. Transmission mounts for the E9x M3 will be available at a later date.
  • These have a slight increase in NVH (noise vibration harshness) compared to stock motor mounts
  • Note: lightweight (1-piece) flywheels add NVH to any BMW engine, and this can be more pronounced with stiffer drivetrain mount designs
  • The perfect BMW motor mount for track driven and competition BMWs
  • Upgradable to 80A Polyurethane inserts if the car becomes a street car at a later date
  • No more MoneyShift!

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Add the perfect compliment to your Vorshlag transmission mounts with a set of Vorshlag motor mounts! This combination drastically improves shift action and engine response for your car. The motor mounts are discounted when purchased with transmission mounts.