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Motul Mineral based 10W40 Break-In Oil - 1 US Quart

Motul Mineral based 10W40 Break-In Engine Oil utilizes high-heat and shear-stable polymers to maintain the optimum lubricating film and ring seal in hot-running engines. This oil is compatible with catalytic converters so it is legal for street use. Its mineral base formula with high zinc content makes it an excellent oil choice for break-in procedures.

Motul Break-In Oil uses a superior detergent & dispersant additive package that prevents deposits and keeps engine parts clean. Also contains an extremely effective anti-foam additive keeping the oil very stable, and two levels of extreme pressure additives for the longevity of high lift cams, with or without roller bearings. Balanced friction modifiers enhance break-in efficiency and increased levels of ZDDP (Zinc & Phosphorous) reinforce the engine protection during initial break-in period. Motul Break-In Oil is compatible with esters, conventional oils and PAO synthetics. Good for use in performance sports cars, sedans, and other high-output engines, modified or non-modified. Works well with flat tappet or roller camshafts or followers.

Motul Break-In oil is recommended for racers who trust Motul products for racing and want the same quality for their new engine break-in period. Multi-Viscosity 10W40 from Motul's Mineral oil line-up.


  • Mineral based engine oil with high zinc content formulated for engine break-in on 4-stroke engines
  • Utilizes high heat and shear stable polymers to maintain optimum
  • Suitable for all types of gasoline or diesel engines.
  • Designed for engines built in 20th century
  • Mineral multi-grade lubricant with detergents, compatible with elastomer gaskets
  • Excellent heat stability
  • Anti-corrosion, anti-foam
  • Standards: API SJ / SH / SG / CD / CF

OEM Approvals

  • Approved for all 20th century engine oil specifications


NOTE: This product can only be shipped via Ground shipping methods due to it's chemical nature. If you order it with faster shipping, it will ship Ground.