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CARTEK Solid State Battery Isolator, GT


The Cartek GT Battery Isolator is a solid-state electrical master switch kit that can be mounted close to the battery, for shorter cable runs. This unit is triggered by a push button switch which can be remote-mounted in the location specified by the rules, in multiple locations.

Cartek isolators are designed to meet FIA requirements for electrical master kill switches. One main circuit cuts off the ground connection to the battery, while a second circuit turns off power to the ignition system and fuel pumps to positively shut off the engine. Solid state construction means no moving parts and no potential for sparks when the switch is operated.

The isolator can be triggered by any number of normally closed, momentary-break switches (push button or toggle), connected in series using standard hookup wire (18 gauge). Just push the button to kill the system. A latching (on-off) switch located near the driver will reset the system. One external kill switch and one internal on-off switch are included with the isolator.

The GT Isolator can be used with 7 to 18 volt electrical systems (with negative grounding). The main battery switching circuit can handle a constant 450 amp battery load (2000A surge capacity), while the ignition/fuel pump circuit can handle up to 30 amps. Designed and manufactured in the UK by CARTEK Motorsport Electronics for professional racing use. Read more about this unit here.

The installed GT unit is shown above - its actually very light and easy to wire in. We have many more details about the CARTEK battery isolators at this link.

Key Features
  • Meets FIA requirements for spark-proof master switch to isolate the battery from all electrical systems and stop the engine
  • Lightweight (5 ounces) and compact size is easy to mount
  • Kit includes two remote switches, isolator box, instructions and wiring schematic
  • Main switching circuit for 450 amp battery load (2000A surge capacity)
  • Ignition/fuel pump circuit can handle up to 30 amps
  • For negative grounded 7-18V DC systems
  • More information located here

Pro Tips

After many installs of the Cartek GT and XR units, which are removing the ground for the car's battery, we have seen that "weird things" can happen if you do not have a GOOD GROUND to the metal mounting tabs of the Catek units - especially the XR. Any high amperage circuit (starter, EPAS, etc) can suffer if the ground for the entire ca is just through the metal tab on the mounting base of the Cartek. 

Copy what we have done above - add a dedicated ground cable from the mounting flange of the Cartek to a good grounding lug on the chassis - and you will not suffer from any electrical gremlins. #TheMoreYouKnow