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BMW G20/G80 (2019-up) Camber Plates & OEM Perches

Like virtually every BMW ever made, the G20 and G80 chassis have McPherson strut front suspension design, which has almost no camber adjustment from the factory. These new BMWs need more front negative camber to allow them to be driven on a road course or in an autocross event without shredding the outside shoulders of the front tires. After getting a test car we immediately began development of our camber plate for this chassis - for both the OEM springs (this entry) as well as another version for use with coil overs. 

This model introduced a whole new array of "challenges" with an all new factory strut top mount design. The spring diameter is very large, and the integrated nature of the top mount + upper spring perch made for a very short stack-up height. We knew immediately that we would have to go back to the drawing board for this top mount design. We ended up building one of the oddest main plates we've ever used in any pair of Vorshlag top mounts - more material, more machine time - but it was worth it in the end.


This unusual design shape is unique to the new "G20" BMW (2019+3/4 series, but not the M2 Comp) chassis and the Z4/Mk5 Supra, which are based off of that. We took careful measurements of the OEM BMW top mount to create the camber plate + OEM style spring perch option to maintain the exact same "stack up height", to neither raise nor lower the ride height. 

The tight constraints of the factory strut tower and large diameter of the OEM spring limit total camber travel when OEM diameter springs are used. Our test car went from -1.5 deg of camber stock to -2.5 degrees - which is still a worthwhile gain. Moving to a coilover spring / strut combo allows for considerably more camber travel, due to the smaller diameter of the various coilover spring (2.25", 60mm, 2.5") vs the OEM spring (approx 120 mm). We sell a coilover camber plate version in another category within the BMW Suspension section. Converting this OEM style design to work with coilover can be done, but it will require changing more than just the perches. 

To adjust the camber is simple - with the rubber covers (aka: Tupperware) out of the way, you can see the 4 Socket Head (Allen head) bolts that secure the special bearing holder within the camber plate assembly.


With the suspension lifted to remove pre-load from the top mount, loosen these 4 Allen head bolts (with a 1/4" or 6mm hex key wrench) and slide the top of the wheel inboard (negative) or outboard (positive) to alter the camber setting.

Track side adjustment is easy, and our over-sized spherical bearings are designed to withstand the rigors of street and track abuse. The large sealed radial bearing allows the spring perch to rotate instead of relying on the spherical to spin within the bearing holder (which would wear it out quickly - like most competing designs). All of our components are plated for maximum corrosion resistance and long life. Read more about the engineering behind our camber plates here.

  • Compatible with all OEM diameter factory and aftermarket (lowering) springs for the BMW G20 and G80
  • Works with the 2019 and up G20 and G80
  • Installs with hand tools and an impact gun, no chassis modifications required.
  • Camber is easily adjustable at the track with simple hand tools (1/4" hex wrench sold separately in this car's Suspension section)
  • The spherical bearing used in the Vorshlag camber plate is the largest used in any BMW camber plate on the market. The result has much better durability and wear characteristics than the undersized bearings used in our competitors' plates.
  • Aluminum alloy main plate and steel alloy bearing holder construction - Tough as a tank!
  • Sealed radial ball bearings isolate steering movement from spherical bearing. 
  • All components machined in-house at Vorshlag on our CNC machines
  • All components plated or anodized for maximum corrosion resistance and long life.
  • Can also be converted to use with coilover springs (but it is easier to use the coilover camber plate entry in this car's Suspension section)
  • Vorshlag upper spring perches are included and built to fit the OEM style spring for this model.


Spring Perches: This catalog entry is for the OEM sized front springs and all aftermarket lowering springs. We have another entry in this BMW Suspension section for the various coilover spring options.

Strut Style: Please pick the brand and type of strut your car has.

If the brand of your strut isn't shown in the options, feel free to call us. Anytime a new chassis hits the track, the aftermarket has to play catch up.  With new suspensions being released we need your help to ensure that new camber plates are being configured correctly.  For us that means we need to know the dimensions of the struts your using to build up a database, as we've done in the past with all the other camber plates we offer.  Please look at the photo below, this is an example of exactly what dimensions we are looking for.  If you are still not sure please contact us!



Please go to our G20/G80 BMW and A90 Supra camber plate installation instruction gallery. It applies to both the coilover and OEM style versions.