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1/4" T-handle Ball End Hex Wrench (Camber Plate Adjuster)

This is the tool you need to adjust your camber plate bolts on some Vorshlag camber plate designs, including: E30 BMW, Subaru, Mini, and EVO. Made from heat treated Protanium Steel right here in the USA, this high quality hex wrench comes with a "ball" end that can engage the Allen Head bolts at an angle - helpful when you have a strut brace covering part of the top of the strut tower. Click the pictures below and the usefulness of a ball end hex wrench becomes clear.

The Bondhus T-handle wrench is considered by most mechanics "the Best Hex tool on the planet". Bondhus invented and manufactured the first ball end hex wrenches back in 1964 and to this day still have over half of the world's sales in hex wrenches. Without a ball end hex wrench some camber plate adjustment bolts might not be accessible without removing the strut brace - and that can be a real pain. We've seen people smash and hammer on their strut braces to gain access to their camber plate bolts - don't bother, just get the right tool!

This is a great tool you will use every time you go to the track or an autocross (if you have a street car that gets a camber re-adjustment for track & street use). We keep one in our track toolbox and use it every weekend