Vorshlag has been an active dealer with Forgestar since 2012. We love their wheels, which are unique in their ability to offer lightweight wheels with custom offsets and widths in a rotary forged design with great prices. We have won a lot of races on Forgestars wheels and "we race what we sell". The lead times for these wheels have always been the toughest selling point, and unfortunately this has only gotten worse as the brand has increased in popularity. So for the foreseeable future Vorshlag is no longer taking new orders for Forgestar wheels. When the backorder situation improves at Forgestar, we will update our website and turn these wheel packages back on. 


All existing orders are still in line. If you have an order with Vorshlag for Forgestar wheels we will continue keep you updated on the current status of your order.  


We are actively looking at other wheel suppliers to work with for the custom fitments we have developed for Corvettes, Camaros, Mustangs, BMWs and the other popular chassis Vorshlag is known for. We won't likely find a supplier with the ability to make lightweight, custom offset/width/color wheels at the low price point that we are used to with Forgestar, however we will continue to work towards alternative options/choices.