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BRZ/FRS/GT86 Suspension

MCS TT1 Single Adjustable Monotube Dampers (Subaru BRZ/FRS) SCCA STOCK CLASS

All MCS damper kits are built to order so expect an estimated 2-6 week build time after you order. If you chose to order online, you will be billed immediately. If you would like to call in the order (we prefer that) we process a deposit for the shocks up front, with the rest billed when they are complete.


Vorshlag Motorsports is an authorized Motion Control Suspension dealer. The MCS TT1 single adjustable damper is far from basic. This damper set features a full 18 settings of rebound control over a wide range, unique to each vehicle model's specific requirements. Dampers are more than just a number of adjustments and click count – the shape of the resulting curves is specifically engineered to give your car the most grip through the range of surface conditions and dynamic inputs your vehicle experiences.

A really nice feature of these ‘entry-level’ TT1 single adjustable non-remote dampers is that they are upgradeable to a reservoir type damper at any time. “We decided to design a modular damper system with interchangeable parts to make it possible to upgrade these ‘entry-level’ dampers to a 2-Way adjustable reservoir damper system down the road. Many customers will benefit from this and will be able to upgrade without the need of investing into a complete new damper set when upgrading their program,” Lex Carson, Motion Control Suspension

All the MCS dampers are built in the USA. They are fully rebuildable, serviceable and can be custom valved and upgraded any time here in the USA.

Key Features

  • Adjustment range of 18 different settings for rebound control
  • Monotube design front and rear
  • Nitrogen pressure is adjustable if required
  • Includes standard spring hardware for SCCA Stock Class (springs are not included)

Parts Included:

  • 2 Front MCS Single Adjustable Monotube Struts
  • 2 Rear MCS Single Adjustable Monotube Shocks
  • MCS Front Spring Perches for SCCA STOCK CLASS
  • Unique to Vorshlag: We include the 1.5mm allen wrench used to tighten the rebound knobs onto the adjustment shaft. 

Please note: These dampers are designed and built to OEM length and to work only with OEM style springs and OEM top mounts.  This kit should not be used with typical "coilover" springs.  As such MCS SCCA stock class shocks will not come with any additional parts beyond what is needed for this application (for example: upper and lower coilover perches, rear top mount adapters, etc).  Shocks designed to be run with coilover springs can be found HERE.

STOCK SPRING PERCH: If you run in SCCA CS (C-Street) you can still use great shocks! MCS has made a shock set that is OEM length and has dedicated OEM sized spring perches that are legal for stock (street) class autocross. This setup also works great if you want high end shocks but want to maintain your OEM springs and top mounts. When selecting this option, you do not need to select camber plates or spring packages.

SIGNATURE DELIVERY : Orders over $2400 require signature delivery. Please plan on that when ordering.