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Vorshlag Low Profile Extra Offset Seat Mounting Side Brackets

NOTE: These brackets are fabricated in-house and we make them in batches. There is no infinite warehouse with infinite stock of this part. If you need these quickly, PLEASE CALL and we can give you a more accurate ETA. Also, note these require other parts to mount the seat into the car (ie: chassis adapter brackets). If you are confused, please email or call us. Thanks!


This product entry is for a bracket custom made by Vorshlag to install a 1-piece racing seat onto a flat base. This bracket bolts to the sides of a 1-piece racing seat and either a flat chassis bracket adapter or a flat floor. Optionally, you can add a dual-locking slider between the chassis bracket and side mount brackets. We make these ultra low so they work with the stacked height of a chassis adapter and sliders and still keep the seat as low as possible. We used to cut down and modify brackets to make these. Now we make them from plate steel.

This version has an EXTRA WIDE base so you can offset mount sliders or mount around other fasteners. It's a problem solver!

Brackets shown with a BRZ seat mounting adapter and sliders. Note the slider is offset inside the adapter plate mounting holes

Key Features

  • Constructed from TIG welded steel plate, fabricated in-house by Vorshlag
  • Simplifies seat installation for racing seats
  • Allows more options for seat mounting
  • Ultra low seat mounting
  • Sold as a pair of brackets for one seat

Please call us before ordering if you have any other questions.

Why did we make these side brackets? Most of the seat side brackets we have used are too tall and even at their lowest holes hold the seat too far off the mounting surface, with our helmets up against the roof. We would have to trim down and add new holes to every bracket we used. This bracket was developed from those modified brackets. The other issue we frequently see is a kick-out section at the bottom of some brackets. This kick-out prevents us from mounting the seat close to the transmission tunnel, and sometimes overlaps the area where the chassis adapter bracket bolts to the floor, right over the top of a bolt head. Our brackets are straight sided with no kick-out, minimizing the amount of space needed to mount them.

Vorshlag seat mounting brackets are built 100% in-house here at Vorshlag.